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Merrell are a global outdoor apparel and footwear manufacturer with their European office based in London. They have a strong profile in the walking shoe and boot market with a growing reputation for outdoor casual and technical clothing. Merrell believes in encouraging and equipping everyone to get outside. They have just launched a new campaign to get people to experience the 'great outdoors' through a range of leisure and sports activity programmes.



Science in Sport

Science in Sport is a globally recognised high quality sports nutrition supplements company, based in the UK, with a strong presence in cycling and endurance sports. Their product range is comprehensive and carries international standard athlete endorsements. Science in Sport uses a unique combination of sport scientists and food technologists which enables them to bring together natural ingredients in a controlled scientific environment to create products that not only taste great, but really work!




Timex is one of the nation's leading watch manufacturers. With a large and varied line of watches, Timex has a style for everyone. They are the preferred sports watch provider for most multi-sport and endurance athletes - you will see Timex products on the wrist of many great athletes competing in Ironman® events world-wide. Recently Timex has expanded its provision within the sports market to include heart rate telemetry and GPS based speed and distance watch systems.




Likeys is a relatively small but rapidly expanding specialist internet based retailer for Adventure Race, Triathlon and Multisport technical apparel and equipment. Likeys isn't just about selling top quality clothing and equipment - they also endeavour to put back as much as they can into the sports they love. Likeys organise the 6633 Ultra Marathon Challenge which takes competitors into the Arctic Circle and sponsor the Gobi Challenge Desert Race. Likeys pride themselves on customer care and delivery, with all product on there website being in stock and available for immediate distribution.




Silva is the leading manufacturer of compasses worldwide, starting in 1933 with the invention of the first liquid filled compass. They also produce a wide range of other products such as pedometers, head torches, outdoor instruments, binoculars, professional instruments and orienteering equipment. Based in Stockholm in Sweden their main export markets include the European Union and the USA. Silva is operating under the Outdoor Recreation division of the Finnish based, Fiskars Corporation, complementing Gerber Legendary Blades.




Gerber Legendary Blades design the tools, knives and outdoor gear that are essential, not only for the task at hand, but for bringing back something lost: our self-reliance. Gerber’s range of outdoor adventure tools and equipment provide a complimentary product range both of which have tremendous synergy with Quest's programmes and events. Gerber Legenday Blades has a strong position in the US camping and outdoor recreation market and is a division of Fiskars Brands, Inc.




Rivette make bike frames for all kind of riders - recreational cyclists, experienced riders and top level competitors. People riding for fun and people going for podium positions. Everyone who has a passion for riding a bike. Rivette are a Danish bike frame manufacturer who’s UK distributor is 2 Pure.



2 Pure

2 Pure is a cycle equipment and accessories distributor based in Edinburgh. Along with Rivette bike frames, 2 Pure also act as UK distributors for Crank Bros, Lizard Skins and Nite Rider along with other well known cycling brands.



The Bike Chain

The Bike Chain aims to bring the cycle retail experience bang up to date. They understand the importance of having a strong online presence but they also believe in the importance of having a shop that you can visit. The Bike Chain is situated near the Botanic gardens in Edinburgh's new town, in a busy commuter area with close links to the National Cycle Routes. They pride themselves on the fact that all their staff ride - from commuting to work and long road rides, to hacking through the woods and racing downhill - it's all on bikes and it's all good!



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