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Quest are experts in providing team building, team development, business training and event management exercises and events. Our programmes are fun and can help develop skills for individuals and teams. Quest is recognised for working with a wide range of clients, both in the UK and across the rest of the world, to tailor team building exercises and events to their exacting requirements, regardless of their size or budget. Previous clients, which include Lloyds Banking Group, Microsoft, European Space Agency and e-on, have taken part in many of our bespoke team building programmes which can include sport, TV, food or even outdoor adventure themes.

Team Building

team building

Quest has an enviable reputation for delivering exceptional team exercises and activities that combine outstanding value and meaningful work life benefits together with team challenges and enjoyment.

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Business Training

business training

Quest provides a variety of business training programs to facilitate the learning and development of people within a team, to help them work more effectively together and enhance their key business skills.

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Team Development

team development

Quest is adept at combining fun team exercises and activities with traditional team development models that can be used to great effect for reflection and review of performance.

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Event Management

event management

Good event management demands creativity, precision and coordination. Our event management team provides this together with a vast experience of delivering specific bespoke team building events to match the brief given.

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Feature Articles

Feature Article


Companies have huge potential to do social good and are increasingly seen as key to tackling some of society’s greatest challenges. However, last year, for the first time since 2011, the Charities Aid Foundation saw levels of giving by companies listed in the FTSE 100, decrease in real terms. Whilst disappointing, the current market conditions can, in part, explain this drop in charitable contributions from several key industry sectors. However, those market conditions don’t explain the full story.

Feature Article

Creating the Feel Good Factor

Over many years Quest has developed the expertise to deliver big events for large groups of people, which create the feel good factor and support employee engagement. Our large scale events have multiple benefits...

Feature Article

The London Corporate Events Company

Quest are the company for corporate events in London. From conference breakout sessions right through to stand alone team building events, we have the perfect event for you. Discover more about the hundreds of corporate events...

Quest News

Mon 3rd Apr 2017 | Event Management

Quest delivers a great deal of team building, and just as much event management that includes team building. However, we don’t deliver as much stand-alone event management. However here is one particularly good example from last year, when Quest was commissioned to do just that:

Thu 9th Mar 2017 | ILM Training

Quest is regularly involved in supporting workshop sessions or longer development programmes such as MBTi, SDI and ILM. Here’s how we helped reinforce Change Management processes on an ILM Five programme last week.

Mon 27th Feb 2017 | Wellbeing at Work

Quest increasingly finds that clients want to have their teams take part in development work that includes the promotion of Wellbeing at work, and this is another area in which Quest excels.

Wed 22nd Feb 2017 | Off Site or On Site?

Team development and training doesn’t need to involve the use of often costly venues and the requirement to move teams around the country. A great deal of what Quest offers can be delivered at the clients premises therefore ensuring minimum disruption; minimum time away from the business and maximising the value of budgets. Sound interesting? 

Mon 6th Feb 2017 | Robin Hood is back in Sherwood Forest

Legend has it that somewhere between 650 and 850 years ago, Robin Hood & his merry men used to take from the rich and give to the poor. Times have clearly moved on, but Quest was very happy to work with over 500 people from one of the world’s biggest insurers again in September 2016, and run an event for them in Sherwood Forest. Over the course of 36 hours Quest ran a team build which enabled the participants to be 21st Century Robin Hoods, and gratefully receive from the fortunate and donate to the not so fortunate. 

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