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‘Helping to make the right people make the right things happen more often and more consistently’

Successful organisations operate in an ever changing business environment. High performing individuals within those organisations need to be knowledgeable, practically competent, skilled, dynamic and constantly willing to learn and evolve. Quest’s Business Training and Coaching programmes support the development of high performing individuals and leaders of high performance teams and organisations.

Linked to our ‘High Performance Team Development Programmes’, Quest offer a range of bespoke and / or modular training and coaching programmes. These develop specific competencies, and facilitate reflective learning, increasing efficiency and optimising performance.

Quest believes that everybody’s potential can GROW and be grown, and that our client owns the solution. The first stage for Quest, in developing a training / coaching programme is to establish an effective relationship with the client and a learning and development plan with clear objectives and learning outcomes. Quest will then build a bespoke learning / coaching framework around those objectives and assign the most appropriate coach / facilitator to deliver the programme. At Quest we pride ourselves on providing unique, challenging and high impact applied learning solutions that deliver tangible outcomes with real relevance to the workplace.


Business Training & Coaching Programmes

Below is a list of our business training and coaching programmes. Please click on an item below to read more about that particular programme:

For more information on any of the above business training and coaching programmes or on how Quest may be able to develop effective high quality training for your organisation please contact the Quest team.

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