Training & Development Exercises to Buy

Bespoke Commissions

In recent years Quest has been commissioned by a number of clients to produce training and development exercises which can be self administered in house.

The demand for these creative training solutions has become so popular that we have set up a dedicated team to deal with this process.

You simply need to provide us with a brief outline of your requirements including:

  • The desired learning outcomes
  • The frequency with which the exercise will be delivered
  • Where, when & how the training intervention is to take place
  • The duration of the session and other time constraints
  • The target audience – age, number and grade.

Based on this and any other relevant information we will design and produce an exercise which will achieve the required objectives. All exercises are supplied in a storage box with a full set of facilitator notes where appropriate.

Examples of exercises which can be tailored to your specific objectives are 'Pyramid of Success', 'The Bigger Picture' and 'Two Way Communication'.

As well as training and development solutions we also produce bespoke graphics to support conferences and product launches.

For further information and advice, or to discuss your requirements please contact Quest.

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