2021 Cotswolds Adventure Race (Sunday)

Event Starts:
16 May 2021
Entries Open:
01 December 2020
Entries Close:
09 May 2021
112 days to go

Entry fees increase as the number of places available decrease and the event gets closer.

Current entry prices are highlighted in green in the tables below, and are per person.


TRIO NOVICE RACE (Run, Bike & Kayak)

> *Save £3 per person when you enter a team of two or more people together in one go 

Team Entry Solo Entry    
 £58 £55*   £58   Current Offer   Ends when event is 75% full or at the end of February 2021 (a) 
£60 £57* £60  Final Price  Effective from when event is 90% full or 15 April 2021 (a)
(a)whichever comes first 

The price shown above is the price you pay! There are no admin fees or additional charges for things like booking / entering online, hiring an electronic scoring device, parking at the event, making entry amendments etc. See what's included in the entry fee. 

For more information about this Questars adventure race in the Cotswolds on Sunday 16 May 2021 please see the event details