Myers Briggs Type Indicator® Programme

The following is a broad outline of how Quest run a Myers Briggs Type Indicator® programme:

Dependant on delegate numbers the session will be facilitated by either one or both of Quest’s two MBTI® facilitators. Quest’s facilitators are qualified to facilitate not just MBTI®, but 'MBTI® Step II' and 'MBTI® Teams', and the dynamic and effervescent manner in which our facilitators deliver not just MBTI® but all Quest programmes will ensure that this invaluable team building model is delivered in way that will help all of the delegates fully understand, absorb and enjoy the session.

Objective of the session:

'By the end of the session you will have established your MBTI® type and identified your strengths and potential training needs and development areas as a team'

The Personality Preferences that we will explore during the session are:

  • Introvert / Extrovert - 'where you get your energy' - 'Are you energised by the external world  or internally.
  • Sensing and Intuition - 'How you take in information' - Do you prefer detailed, factual information that is tried and tested  or do you prefer to trust your 6th sense and focus on the future.
  • Thinking and Feeling - 'How you make decisions' - Do you make decisions based on fact and logic and objective analysis or do you make decisions subjectively in an empathetic manner based upon your personal values.
  • Judging and Perceiving - 'How you live your life' - Do you prefer to be planned and organised or do you prefer spontaneity and keeping your options open. Do you always meet deadlines or are you likely to 'just about/ nearly' meet your deadlines.

The exploration of the four preferences can:

  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Improve working relationships
  • Help to develop your leadership style
  • Improve communication
  • Improve your understanding of how your colleagues work


Also during the overall intervention we will run the following sessions:

Self Assessment: A facilitated discussion session encouraging each of the delegates to identify which of the behaviour styles they each feel  are their preferred styles

Reported Type: A detailed analysis of the preferences of each of the delegates highlighted from the MBTI® questionnaire, (that will have been completed by each of the delegates before the intervention and sent to Quest to be marked reviewed and prepared ready for the day). This is where Quest feel it is so valuable for not just each of the delegates to understand the outcomes and information from their own questionnaires but the results for each of their colleagues too. It’s also a great deal more fun!

Team Activities: All designed to assist the illustration of preferred styles. Specifically what is conducted will be agreed and confirmed before the programme; however the following are a flavour of some of the sessions Quest run:

  • 'Poster': The team will be divided into sub-teams with all the Extroverts together and all the Introverts together and will be asked to design a poster that illustrates where they would go and what they would do on an ideal weekend. They will then have time to work on that task before coming back together and presenting their work to their colleagues.
  • 'Change': The team will be divided into sub-teams of Extrovert / Sensing; Extrovert / Intuitive; Introvert / Sensing and Introvert/Intuitive and asked about their roles in change, what they bring to the process, what they need and what frustrates them. They will then have time to work on that task before coming back together and presenting their work to their colleagues.
  • 'Key Purchase': A communications exercise. The team will be divided into sub-teams of Sensing / Thinking; Sensing / Feeling; Intuitive / Thinking and Intuitive / Feeling and asked to discuss what they look for when making a key purchase. They will then have time to work on that task before coming back together and presenting their work to their colleagues.

MBTI® can be combined with the Discovering Chocolate intervention to give a well balanced programme that is not only very insightful but tickles your taste buds as well.

Find out more about Discovering Chocolate here.


Acknowledgment: MBTI and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a trademark or registered trademark of the MBTI Trust, Inc., in the United States and other countries.


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