Life Quest


Like a family of Dolphins, high performing teams communicate, support and trust one another implicitly. They also display a great intelligence and make life fun!


Developing Teams & Individuals Through the Spirit of Adventure

Adventure is an attitude that we can apply to every part of our lives. Facing new challenges, responding positively to change and evolution, seizing new opportunities, testing ourselves against the unknown, and unpredictable, and in the process discovering our own unique potential. We have one life – live it!


Caring for the environment

Quest has a strong and responsible commitment to the environment, and will always seek to minimise the environmental impact of its programmes and events through the use of sustainable, recycled, and responsibly sourced resources.

In addition, for every event / programme that Quest runs, Quest will plant a new tree, sourced through The Woodland Trust.      

Quest also supports the following conservation groups:

See Quest's full range of environmental programmes and interventions here.

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