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As the first month of the New Year comes to a close, the team at Quest have started to implement exciting new developments and plans for 2018.

Quest has had another exciting and event packed year up and down the country…

Many of us have been to Quizzes whether of the pub variety or maybe the school PTA variety, however, you haven’t really taken part in a quiz until you’ve taken part in a Quest Big Quiz. Interactive, high energy and a huge amount of fun, The Big Quiz works in many formats, and unsurprisingly is a terrific addition to a Christmas party. And that’s exactly how we delivered it last week.  

When Quest was approached for a team event as a prelude to their Christmas party by a London based company specialising in consultancy to the construction industry, our immediate response was a version of the London City Challenge. After an explanatory phone call and detailed proposal they were sold on the concept, and Quest started preparations.

Following the highly successful inaugural Team Challenge event in 2015, Quest was delighted to be asked once again to work with one of the leading names in the bespoke kitchen installation market.

The event had worked so well at Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest that unsurprisingly the client decided to opt for the same venue for year two.

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