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It’s not every day that Quest gets a call from the European Space Agency, so when they called to ask us to work with them again in June in the Netherlands, there was much excitement, especially as this was the fourth time in the past few years that Quest had earned the opportunity to deliver team building for this illustrious organisation.

Quest delivers a great deal of team building, and just as much event management that includes team building. However, we don’t deliver as much stand-alone event management. However here is one particularly good example from last year, when Quest was commissioned to do just that:

Quest increasingly finds that clients want to have their teams take part in development work that includes the promotion of Wellbeing at work, and this is another area in which Quest excels.

Quest is regularly involved in supporting workshop sessions or longer development programmes such as MBTi, SDI and ILM. Here’s how we helped reinforce Change Management processes on an ILM Five programme last week.

Team development and training doesn’t need to involve the use of often costly venues and the requirement to move teams around the country. A great deal of what Quest offers can be delivered at the clients premises therefore ensuring minimum disruption; minimum time away from the business and maximising the value of budgets. Sound interesting? 

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