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Since 2006, Quest have worked with an international team from the pharmaceutical industry. With such diversity in the make-up of their company, the event ‘Unity in Diversity’ was all about bringing people together.

Quest’s ‘Recipe for Success’, is a team development intervention based around a cookery challenge. For a high performing team, trust within the group is the crème de la crème.

With much of our culture and socialising based around cooking and eating, what better setting for individuals to get to know each other and form bonds. Piece of cake.

“I’d like to see you do it in eighty days!” claimed Mr Stuart to Phileas Fogg. This was the very moment that Fogg was challenged to circumnavigate the planet in the classic adventure novel, ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’, by Jules Verne. Almost 145 years since its publication, not only has Mark Beaumont captured the same spirit of adventure, but so has Quest and the 450+ employees from one of the leading companies in the insurance industry.

Or should we say no rest for the 7 apprentices, whom partook in an action packed 36 hours designed and delivered by Quest.

Over the course of a dynamic weekend, Quest has once again executed a team building event for the hundreds. Working with one of the world’s biggest insurers, the 9th Team Walk Challenge took place at Elveden Centre Parcs. To the confusion of many, this year’s theme was Pointless. No, not as in a futile event, but the popular BBC One TV show!

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