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Over the course of a dynamic weekend, Quest has once again executed a team building event for the hundreds. Working with one of the world’s biggest insurers, the 9th Team Walk Challenge took place at Elveden Centre Parcs. To the confusion of many, this year’s theme was Pointless. No, not as in a futile event, but the popular BBC One TV show!

The turn of September signifies beginnings and transitions into new and exciting opportunities. For the 32 Graduates joining IMI this year, it marks the end of an era in education and the start of a career in the working world. For the third year running, Quest has delivered team development and training for the enthusiastic and diverse group of new employees at one of the UK’s major engineering companies. The event took place at their offices as part of their induction fortnight.

Team building doesn’t always have to be meticulously structured to achieve the desired results. Occasionally simply bringing a team together away from the workplace and providing a relaxed setting in which to socialise and have a little fun in one another’s company, works very well too.  

Team building is what Quest specialises in, however it’s not often that a client calls and actually asks us to deliver a session for which they actually want to have Working as a Team as its title and very simple core objective . This was one of those occasions and as you’ll see below it was a most interesting session.

It’s not every day that Quest gets a call from the European Space Agency, so when they called to ask us to work with them again in June in the Netherlands, there was much excitement, especially as this was the fourth time in the past few years that Quest had earned the opportunity to deliver team building for this illustrious organisation.

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