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Legend has it that somewhere between 650 and 850 years ago, Robin Hood & his merry men used to take from the rich and give to the poor. Times have clearly moved on, but Quest was very happy to work with over 500 people from one of the world’s biggest insurers again in September 2016, and run an event for them in Sherwood Forest. Over the course of 36 hours Quest ran a team build which enabled the participants to be 21st Century Robin Hoods, and gratefully receive from the fortunate and donate to the not so fortunate. 

Government figures published in March 2016 showed “a dramatic increase” in the number of higher apprenticeships. Quest is pleased to work with a number of organisations which run growing apprenticeship schemes and last autumn delivered an Apprentice Team Development programme for the fifth consecutive year.

The key ingredient in all successful teams is first rate communication, and where better to talk and listen than in a kitchen doing some cooking together. When the kitchens are in a stunning Cotswold cottage location it’s about as good as it can get.

Quest finds that there is an increasing demand for experiential team building sessions to form part of Graduate and Apprentice Development programmes. With the multitude of skills that are drawn out and given the opportunity for practice, a Quest Dragons Den session ticks all the boxes. At the end of October Quest delivered another of these sessions and this is how it went.

Winning repeat business with clients is always the best, and the request for a reprise of an event originally delivered ten years ago, is an absolute pleasure. When that reprise is to help the client with the many challenges of merging with a recently purchased organisation it’s a great compliment. 

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