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When a client requests help from Quest to deliver an event to build their team, we are always keen to help. When the same client wants to assist a charity as an integral part of that team building we are doubly keen. 

Quest has delivered team building across all commercial business sectors over the past twenty years, and have also been heavily involved in working with the public sector too. We were delighted therefore to recently be invited to work with a team of primary school teachers and support staff, and deliver a morning of team challenges just before the return to school for a new term.

The term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been in popular use for around fifty years, so it’s certainly nothing new. However, as a concept it’s still highly relevant, and high on the agenda for organisations wanting to ensure they perform responsibly, ethically and in many cases charitably in their local, national or even international operating environment.

On almost every occasion that Quest receives an enquiry about delivering team building, one of the key objectives client’s want help to address and ideally improve is effective communication. Whether that is a desired improvement between one or two team members, across a whole department or even between departments, the message from the client is clear and simple: ‘We’re not imparting or exchanging information in a way that ensures mutual understanding’.

There is a fundamental convention that is very much alive across all areas of commerce and industry in 2016 and that is Employee well-being. Others have come and gone, this one is standing the test of time, and is in fact being truly embraced cross sector.

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