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The popularity and effectiveness of cooking as a team building activity goes from strength to strength, and Quest was pleased to be working with 10 graduates as part of their two year development programme.

Quest was pleased to be asked to work once again with a major player in the steam systems and services industry, on this occasion to deliver a team building break-out session for 24 facilities staff involved in a day-long training workshop.

Quest was approached by an established client from the fashion industry regarding the delivery of a one day team building event for their Marketing Division to include a team profiling and communication workshop and a food based experiential session.

When Quest was asked by a major IT Support provider to deliver a team building event in central Manchester we were united in our enthusiasm to deliver something special in this premiership city.

Quest was approached by a major financial organisation regarding the delivery of an urban based one day team building event in Scotland’s capital city. No sooner said than bags packed for a flight north to conduct a full planning and recce trip, and a couple of weeks later all was ready to go.

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