Bath Rugby

Quest delivers outstanding team building in venues and locations around the world, so when we were asked to run a half day team build at The Rec’, famous home of the mighty Bath Rugby we were only too pleased to help.

Pre-match Instructions   The client team for whom Quest was delivering this team building event are no strangers to The Rec’ and Bath Rugby and they had some clear objectives for the team building. It needed to be fully inclusive for all 50 delegates, encourage positive communication, foster a spirit of collaboration and be FUN. With all of that in mind there could only be one option: Time for another bespoke version of the team building favourite, TV Newscast.  

Pre-match Build Up  During the morning the delegates worked through a workshop session looking at and discussing their new values. Much of what was discussed was included in the team brief for the afternoon. After a light lunch during which some invaluable networking between their three offices took place, it was time for the team building to begin.

Kick Off  After a verbal briefing, the three large sub-teams were handed a detailed set of written instructions, and the team building session had started.  As usual with TV Newscast events the initial reaction to reading through their team building instructions was stunned silence, and although no-one actually said it you could sense the reaction, “are you having a laugh?”

First Half  Well the answer of that unspoken question was no we’re not, but you will be soon! And again as usual, all three teams were quickly doing a great deal of laughing, as they discovered not just the work centric elements of what they had to include in their news scripts, but also the potential for some clever humour. This was team building at its best.

Second Half  The teams had a total of two hours to devise, prepare and rehearse their broadcasts, and as hoped all three sub-teams had soon divided into further small work units to work on their part of the recording. Just as they were getting into the swing of the team building Quest then started to throw some curved balls; and representatives from each sub-team had to attend firstly production meetings with Quest, and then deliver a news-flash live to camera with just a few minutes warning. Busy busy.

Final Whistle Bath Rugby is highly accustomed to outstanding performances at The Rec’, and those delivered by the three teams in this team building maintained that tradition in style. All three teams cleverly included the businesses’ new values and a terrific advertisement for one of their new products, and all ensured that none of the mandatory items were missed. BBC News would have been very proud!

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