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Quest has run City Challenge team building events in locations as far apart & diverse as Lille, London, Edinburgh and Copenhagen, but until a little earlier this year never in the historic city of Bristol. However, we’re pleased to say a regular client from the engineering industry changed all that, and Bristol was added to the list. 

Bristol City Docks   The team building was to be conducted from the tremendous M-Shed venue situated in the heart of Bristol’s historic docks, a terrific place from which to conduct a City Challenge. The team building was divided into two parts. The morning took the form of a workshop session covering topics such as Window Panes & Belbin Team Roles, and then the afternoon was dedicated to a Bristol City Challenge.

Cabot Tower Straight after a buffet lunch taken outside overlooking the ships and yachts in the docks, it was time for The Bristol City Challenge team building to start. After a verbal briefing an instructions pack was given to each team, containing a set of crucial material, including the all-important Questopoly Board. Some teams chose to read and absorb those instructions in the training room, others decided to do it on the hoof. Who would be right?

Clifton Suspension Bridge All the teams quickly grasped the fact that whilst all of the five stages comprising the highly competitive City Challenge team build were important for earning points, the Questopoly element was the most important, and it wasn’t long before the phones at Quest HQ started to ring and ring and ring………

SS Great Britain  Just like in that world famous board game…… know the one……… buying property around the chosen city is the key to the game, oh and avoiding paying rent, and most important all of avoiding…….Go Directly to Jail Do not………this outstanding team building event works in just the same way. There may not be a Park Lane in Bristol, but there is a Cumberland Basin Bridge, and with its distance from event HQ it was worth a lot of money! For the team that got there first and phoned in, and then got the rest of the places in the same set………………they started to get a monopoly on the points!

@Bristol Buying property was important, but there were loads of points to also be earned from other activities like the City Quiz, and as the afternoon progressed the teams were maximising the points translated to money with the team in the top position changing almost by the minute. By 5 pm, almost all of the property had been bought and shortly after the arrival of the last team back at team building HQ Quest were able to announce the scores and award the prizes. Quite a day and at long last Bristol was on the board-game map………………thanks to some terrific team building.

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