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Repeat business is always tremendous to win, especially so when it is for clients for whom you’ve not worked in a while. It was therefore with great pleasure that Quest headed to Reading to deliver a team building session for 22 managers from the training department of a large organisation.

News Night The client had some specific objectives for the team building, which was to be run for an afternoon following a morning’s strategy workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to launch some new business themes; plan a strategy for the next three years, and look at both face to face training and on-line packages; and all of that needed to be reflected in the team building session. Following a number of calls and mails, Quest was able to integrate all of the workshop themes into a version of the TV Newscast session.

News at Ten  The great thing about the team building that was planned is that it didn’t require large amounts of space, and indeed thanks to the super meeting room facilities available, all the delegates working in two intentionally large sub-teams, were able to work together in one room. This was a great added advantage in promoting another aim of the day, integrating new team members.

Mock The Week The team building afternoon was begun with a hugely popular and useful ice-breaker called Three Truths & One Lie, another great way to help new people get to know one another in a quick-fire and fast paced way. A verbal briefing was then delivered followed by the distribution of detailed information packs for to the two teams.  At the same time the giant digital clock was flashed on screen, reinforcing one of the key elements of the activity, effective time management.

The Late Edition After initial expressions of disbelief at what was being asked of them, the two teams got down to some serious planning and role allocation. They both recognised the requirement for a clear time line, and the fact that they would need to set up multiple small working groups within their sub-teams to ensure that all mandated content was included and all team-members took part. Quite quickly what had been a very quiet room, was transformed into a scene of urgent activity and a great deal of noise and animation had developed.

That Was The Week That Was Despite being thrown some “curve-balls” by Quest both teams managed their time extremely well. They took the additional short-warning tasks in their stride, and built in enough time before the cameras started to roll to run full rehearsals. Consequently the final broadcasts were original, funny and timely. In addition all of the workshop themes had been cleverly integrated into the scripts and new team members given full and inclusive parts to play. This was a highly successful team building session and thanks to the memento of the recordings, one that will be highly memorable.



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