Trading Places

Quest took a call from a regular client based in Bristol for a business game team building session that would be suitable for 40 people for three hours, and that could be delivered indoors at Ashton Gate Football Ground.

Accrued Interest Having visited the venue and seen the tremendous indoor space available for an afternoon’s team building Quest put forward a proposal to the client for a tailored version of a team development session called Trading Places. This team building proposal ticked all the boxes: Designed for indoors; suitable for a large group divided into small sub-teams; highly strategic; highly competitive; great take-back for the workplace and a lot of fun.  The client loved it and the session was booked.

Balanced Fund Ashton Gate stadium has seen the transition to rugby as well as football over the past few years, but it’s never seen a transition into five of the world’s continents, that was until Quest arrived! Integral to the Trading Places team building activity is international travel that the sub-teams make around the world. At each of the five continents the teams have the opportunity to earn currency from that continent which they can then take back to the Trading Desk to exchange for the new world-wide currency, Queso’s

Calendar Effect Not so much a calendar effect as a clock effect! One of the things that the teams need to rapidly get to grips with is the fact that every minute of the team building session equates to one hour on the event world time line flashing on the big screen. The session lasts for 1 week (?) or 168 minutes (think about it) to be precise, and if you’ve just travelled from Asia to Europe and you’re then told that Europe is closed for trading for the next 12 minutes, that could put a big dent in your profits!

Day Trading The client wanted a challenging business-based team building event, and Trading Places ticked all those boxes. Just as the teams had got to grips with variable currency, different time zones and a great deal of jet lag, they then had to decipher key pieces of breaking news in the news room, which had a direct impact on how and where they should next trade. Sudden changes of Presidents, unexpected natural disasters and unforeseen financial crises were causing some serious challenges!

Earned Income In years gone by when everything was in black and white, Harold Macmillan said something about a “week being a long time in politics,” and that still rings true in the world of finance and trading. As the seconds ticked away, and the week started to run out the teams moved onto the last phase that of building with the materials purchased with funds earned from all of their trading. The engineering expertise of this particular group was certainly a benefit and some very tall structures were soon being completed. As the NYSE bell finally rang out to signal the close of business it was clear that it was going to be a close set of final scores for this most instructive, demanding and enjoyable team building event.

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