Strategic Planning

Quest was delighted to be contacted by a new client looking to introduce some team building into a Strategic Planning conference for colleagues from around the world.

Inputs The requirements for the team building were specific and wide ranging.  Sixty people were travelling from across the world to cover a broad range of issues with a central theme of outlining and gaining agreement on strategy for their region for the forthcoming year. In addition to telling one another about their strategic plans, they wanted to invigorate that process, and make the strategies competitive with a prize for the winning country area. As with the majority of what Quest delivers, a tailored event was going to be required, and so as soon as there was a space in the diary a meeting was fixed.  

Activities  The client wanted to have some Dragons Den elements included in the team building, and wanted teams to make a cash vote for the best strategy, with all the money raised being donated to charity. Quest suggested that to enable that process to happen smoothly, the six sub-teams of ten should make a recording of their strategy live to camera in one take, and then the recordings of all six teams could be amalgamated and watched by all of the teams, enabling secret ballot voting to take place.  Quest suggested enhancing that process by giving all of the teams a prescriptive content list that they had to follow, with clear scoring allocated to all the key parts to make the team building as competitive as possible. In addition the elements of each country area’s strategies were included in the mandatory elements of the content list. Effectively what Quest was proposing was for each team to make a television news show, with a range of items that could be included, but with their strategies forming the core, and all delivered in a punchy seven minutes. The client loved it and all was booked.

Outputs The client had already booked a super hotel venue on the edge of the Cotswolds called the Hare & Hounds. Quest conducted a recce and planning meeting and as expected it was ideal for the indoor team building that Quest proposed, but with easy access to some lovely outdoor grounds if the weather was fine. Quest ran the team building event with a team of four, and the clients worked in two sets of three teams. After the initial shock and surprise on reading their team building brief, all of the teams very quickly got to grips with what they had to do, and soon everyone was thoroughly involved in ensuring their team was ready for the time they had been given to appear in front of camera. The final delivered performances were all very good, with a couple being truly outstanding, and Quest departed at the end of the day having left the client with six super recordings of teams strategies, and quite a task in deciding on which one was best! Great strategies, great team building.

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