Pyramids in Glasgow

When Quest took a call from a contact in the oil industry to deliver a piece of team building in the historic Scottish city of Glasgow we were only too pleased to help. This was particularly so because the session requested, Three Cubes ~ Pyramid of Success was one that had not been delivered for a while.

Client Objectives The team building session was for 12 managers from an ethics department. All of the managers were relatively established in their roles, but their director was new to role and was keen to focus on the following areas: She wanted to take them away from their normal work environment and see how they communicated, collaborated and cooperated with one another. She also wanted to use the session to enable them all to get to know one another a little better. The Quest team building activity Three Cubes ~ Pyramid of Success had been identified as a session to run, and following a detailed planning call, Quest set to with preparing and tailoring that activity.

Getting to Know One Another In nearly twenty years of experience Quest has found that by simply enabling team members to learn some information about one another, whether through in depth window pane exercises or through more light-hearted means, the positive team building effect can be staggering. For this session Quest suggested getting things started with a Three Truths and One Lie ice-breaker, and once that was demonstrated to the team by a Quest facilitator, the session began with a high-energy start.   

Puzzling Over The Cubes The overall team of twelve was divided into three sub-teams and provided with some puzzle pieces. However, for this team building they weren’t the usual jig-saw shaped puzzle pieces, but twenty seven giant cubes of three different sizes, with each cube displaying an image on all six sides. The three sub-teams were placed in three different areas across three break-out areas, and were given a very straightforward and short instruction: Solve the cube puzzle!

Competing to Collaborating The combination of being split into three teams, across three work areas reinforced an initial perception that the teams were competing against one another, and that lasted for a while, as all of the teams puzzled with the team building challenge, and tried to work out how they could match the images on the faces of all the cubes. The Quest facilitators simply watched quietly. After around ten minutes, a member of one of the sub-teams moved over to another team and asked if they could see their puzzle pieces, then another team member from the other team did the same. Numerous conversations then took place, the result of which was that a clear decision was made for all three sub-teams to pool all of their puzzle piece resources………team building in action.

Collaboration Leads to Success A period of intense activity then took place, as all 81 cubes were moved to the largest of the work areas, at which point the three sub-teams merged into one and then subdivided again into three with at least one puzzle expert in each. The next highly encouraging development was to see that as soon as one of the cube puzzles was successfully solved the best practices employed were transferred to another of the puzzles, until after around an hour of team building three (small medium and large) cubes had been constructed out of twenty seven individual small medium and large cubes, and all of the super Quest team building activity images were beautifully constructed.

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