Risky Business

Quest was delighted to be back once again at a favourite team building venue, Center Parcs in the stunning Longleat Forest in Wiltshire.

Team Building for Charity:  The British Red Cross is some 144 years old, and is one of the UK’s best known charities delivering wonderful work across the country. Quest was asked to work with one of the leaders in the insurance industry once again, specifically to provide an outstanding day of team building for 500 colleagues, a tangible result of which was the raising of a considerable sum for that most deserving charity.

Risk: A board games that has managed to stand the test of time, and a growing tide of computer based entertainment is Risk, and with risk being an inherent part of this client’s business, it seemed most apt to use that as the overarching theme for this year’s team building event. The format of the event is in the form of a Team Walk Challenge, and not only was the Risk theme built into the day’s challenge but it was also included in the prelude to the event the evening before.

A New Dimension:This Team Walk Challenge followed a tried and tested format, but this year with an added dimension: Longleat Center Parks has a super lake, and Quest was given exclusive access to one part of that. Using the Quest “fleet” of 36 RTM Sit on Top Kayaks the teams had to complete a course from one side of the lake to the other. However, in true Team Walk Challenge team building style, there was a catch. Paddles were not allowed for propulsion, only the system of ropes and pulleys stretched across the water.  Some teams quickly grasped the most effective method, and they stayed dry. Others didn’t and they got wet! However, none were deterred, and there was universal agreement that the new water element to the challenge was a highly popular success.

Challenges and Strategy: Careful strategizing is a key element required for success in the game Risk, and as usual it played a key role in this team building event too. The water stage was huge fun and carried a wealth of points if successful, but it took time, and that had to be traded off against all of the other team building challenges laid out at marked activity-points (AP’s) around the course.

Thousands Raised for Charity:Team Walk Challenge team building events really are the best of both worlds. For the sixth successive year the teams enjoyed a tremendous day of fun, strategic and challenging team building and raised a lot of money for the British Red Cross. The teams enjoyed an added bonus when they crossed the finish line too. Most impressively the charity sent along a team of supporters, who dressed in authentic early 20th Century nurses costumes and making a huge amount of noise, created a fantastic atmosphere and built the excitement for the evening’s   team building event gala- dinner. As usual that was a super evening with music and dancing into the early hours, and the confirmation that over £20,000 had been raised for one of the UK’s oldest and best known charitable organisations.

Great team building works wonders for teams, great team building for charity works wonders for teams and the wider community too. Bring on next year!

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