The Apprentice ~ But Not as You Know It

How refreshing, an organisation looking to positively develop it’s Apprentices.

Third Time Lucky: Quest loves to win new business, but its always seen as a real testament to what we do, when clients ask again and again for Quest to work with them and deliver team building solutions. One of Quest’s client from the engineering sector usually takes on ten or so apprentices each year, and one of the first things they get them to do is attend a three day team building and development programme. For the third consecutive year, the client commissioned Quest for delivery.

Mini Adventure Race: The first stage of the team building was a mini adventure race, comprising an off road bike element; a run and a kayak. Working in two teams of five, the apprentices were given their OS maps and briefing notes straight after an early breakfast; first job ~ plot all the check points onto the map, and then check and double check they’re correct! Both teams had a highly experienced member of the Quest team working with them, good to run it past them first!  Once the maps were prepared it was time to go and both teams set a cracking pace.

Bouyancy Aids and Paddles: It was pretty much neck and neck as both teams completed their run/bike elements and arrived at one of the beautiful lakes in Cotswold Water Parks. Bouyancy Aids and Paddles were handed out and the two teams split themselves between their two Sit-on-Top kayaks. Team building in action as some quick decisions had to be made about which kayak would have three on it.

Head for Heights: Despite some very inexperienced kayakers the two teams took to this challenge like ducks to water. Excuse the pun! Within their 30 minute time slot they had completed the course and were back on dry land and changed to go next door and tackle one of the countries best high-ropes courses with Head4Heights. A real test of nerve and trust, and as usual all the delegates thoroughly enjoyed this element of the team building.

Heavy Weight Challenges: A quick sandwich lunch was taken back at event HQ, and then it was straight onto the next tasks, with one of the teams starting with a giant sized tripod and lever exercise, whilst the other team tackled the complex problem of hauling a two ton 4X4 up an inclined bank using only the ropes and pulley’s with which they’d been supplied. Tough stuff, tough team building!

Sing for Your Supper: Just when they thought it was all over for the day, the Quest team had a shock for the apprentices. Supper was going to be served at 19.00, the only issue was that they had to cook it themselves! Some assistance was provided, all the food and ingredients had been purchased for them, and the quest Chef was on hand to provide advice. Different team building!

A Contrasting Second Day: The following day was a contrast to day one’s team building.  Using clubhouse at the superb new Royal Wootton Bassett Rugby Club as the venue, the apprentices were put into one big team and given the high pressured task of preparing, producing and delivering to live camera a seven minute TV news show. As with all that they had done over the whole team building programme the apprentices made a tremendous job of this stage, and finally were able to draw breath at lunchtime and reflect on al they had accomplished before heading for home.

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