Strategy Days ~ A New Approach

Strategy Days can sometimes be a little “dry!” Here’s how to make them memorable & much more FUN! 

New Client, New Sector: Despite nineteen years in the team building business, there are still some business arenas in which  Quest has not worked so we were delighted to be called by one of the leaders in the global development management sector, who wanted Quest to help them bring a two day Strategy Conference and Business Retreat to life.  Delighted to be asked and even more delighted to help.

The Team Building Initial Meeting: Quest likes to meet with all potential team building clients and with this client’s requirements that initial meeting was even more important.  The key requirement was that six teams from all over the world had got to deliver their Practice Area’s strategy for the following year, and after careful thought the two team building event sponsors had decided that they somehow wanted to build those key messages into a team building event. Big Ask? Not for Quest.

The Team Building Final Concept: All Quest team building is tailor made to the exact requirements of the client.  For this event Quest took a tried and tested formula involving TV cameras and News Scripts and adapted and moulded that to deliver the perfect solution. That was delivered to the client and as usual with a little bit of “tweaking” was considered to be a perfect team building solution.

The Team Building Delivery: By the time Quest started the team building session, the delegates had been working through some absorbing workshop sessions for quite a while, and the timing was perfect for getting everyone up and moving around and involved in some fun and absorbing experiential team building.

The Team Building Brief: The deliberately large teams of c20 delegates, operating in their Practice Areas were intentionally provided with a highly detailed brief for their team building. That included exacting instructions on the overall task which was for each team to deliver a live seven minute presentation to TV cameras in the format of a television news programme. Crucially the key element was that within that seven minutes they had to include an entertaining overview of their Practice Strategy for the next year. In addition they had to actively promote their Practice Area and the work in which they were involved, and then on top of that they had around ten other items to include to maximise the team building challenge, and the entertainment value for their colleagues. 

The Team Building Final Twist: The final twist was that the teams productions and performances would be watched and judged by their colleagues.  Viewing rooms and times were set up after the team building had finished and before the team dinner took place. Voting slips were prepared and distributed and a highly authentic ballot box sealed with ribbon and embossed wax placed in a central position.
As the folded slips were pushed into the box, all agreed that the team building had been entertaining, fun and also crucially educational. And it achieved the initial aim of broadcasting six different strategies in a way that was anything but dry!

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