IT News ~ But Not At Ten

When Quest was contacted by the UK training and developmemt team from one of the worlds leading IT companies to organise a one day indoors team building we were only too pleased to help.

New Boss, Established Team: The key issue for the session was the appointment of a new manager to head a very established team. The client wanted an activity that would engage all of the team, enable the manager to work within one of the sub-teams and which would focus on Effective Communication; Efficient Planning and  Practical Time Management. Quest had just the answer and devised a team building session based on the proven formula of an activity called TV Newscast.

Effective Communication:With twenty years experience of working with teams of all sizes and complexities, Quest believes that the key attribute of a high performing team is free-flowing, clear and concise communication. Easy to say, but the best approach to achieve that nirvana is to create opportunities in which that standard of communication can be practiced. This session created a perfect opportunity. The overall team of just over twenty was intentionally divided into just two large sub-teams, provided with a highly detailed and prescriptive set of instructions, and given a very tight time schedule. That immediately generated the priority task for the teams to agree on how they would sub-divide into work groups, how responsibility for managing a myriad of tasks would be handled and how those work groups would productively keep one another informed, updated and on-track.  Meaningful team building.

Efficient Planning: All sorts of platitudes have been written and uttered about the crucial importance of efficient planning, but as with communication giving teams the opportunity to practice this skill in a safe non-threatening environment away from the work-place is the finest way to enhance the planning skills of a team. This session makes a large number of demands for the sub-teams to achieve and all in a strictly controlled and relatively short space of time, just like in the work-place. Unless the teams quickly order the demands, devise a plan for how they’re to be tackled and then communicate that to all the team members they will not succeed. That’s frustrating and possibly embarrassing in a team building exercise, but it could be disastrous in the work place, so it’s a huge benefit to be able to practice and rehearse.

Practical Time Management: Not a day passes without some item of news from the media about a project over-running, being delayed or missing crucial dates. The mismanagement of time is a key reason for businesses failing their client’s and like other individual & team skills it needs to be practiced. This team building exercise imposes two key time-critical elements. It enforces a ruthless time limit in which the teams can prepare, and it is equally ruthless in the time allowed for the sub-teams to broadcast what they have prepared. When was the last time a television news programme had to announce that it had missed its target and would have to over-run by 12 minutes? Time plans can be achieved by well rehearsed teams, and Quest can create outstanding environments in which rehearsal can take place.  


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