Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility becomes more and more important for all organisations, and Quest has developed a terrific way of delivering some outstanding CSR Team Building, which we call a Team Walk Challenge.

Objective Driven Team Building: This particular client from the Consultancy sector wanted to deliver a team building event for 450 colleagues from across the country that would achieve three distinct objectives: Contribute to better employee engagement; Facilitate networking especially across geographically diverse offices, and make a significant CSR contribution in support of a charity. Sound like a big ask? Not for Quest!

Employee Engagement: Is not something that can straightforwardly be achieved simply by providing some team building opportunities. However, by providing a setting that replicates some of the challenges faced in the workplace; reflects the goals, vision and strategies of the organisation and by involving all levels of the colleague team, employee engagement can be successfully addressed, and progress made. Team Walk Challenge team building events provide that setting, and organisations come back for more

Networking:This client has offices spread across the length and breadth of the UK, and in common with so many organisations has huge numbers of people who only ever communicate via email and phone. Providing the environment where as many of those colleagues can actually meet, talk face to face and have some competitive fun together can only help to build strong networks, teams and sub-teams who will work together more effectively and crucially make that extra effort to help one another. Team Walk Challenge team building events provide a perfect environment for building and strengthening networks.

CSR Contribution:The British Red Cross was again the lucky recipient of the considerable efforts made during this team building event.  At over 144 years old, The British Red Cross is one of the UK’s best known charities delivering magnificent work across the country.  The client had devised a way of raising substantial funds without the requirement for colleagues to obtain sponsorship from friends and family, and the result was a significant contribution being announced at the post event gala dinner. Team Walk Challenge events deliver effective CSR results

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