Stronger Teams, Fitter Bodies, Assisted Charities

How do you combine the improvement of employee well-being; helping highly deserving charities, and enhancing team performance? Take part in a Vet Charity Challenge and all will become clear.  

Better Late Than Never: With the 2015 Vet Charity Challenge now open for entries and new teams signing up for this terrific team building event, we thought it was about time we got around to writing up a report on last September’s event and sharing some detail with those planning to either enter this year or to instigate a charity challenge event of their own. We’ve identified three clear but linked benefits from an event of this type and are able to share those with you here:

Employee Well Being: The well-being, both physical and mental, of employees and colleagues is becoming an increasingly important consideration and must-do agenda item for organisations both large and small. This is never truer than in the Veterinary profession, where the physical and mental demands are often high. Mental ability and agility have clear links with physical well-being and fitness, but very often some specific motivation is required for improving physical health. All a bit of a vicious circle, but one which can be broken with a confirmed challenge ~ something like a team building challenge, something like a Vet Charity Challenge.

Practical Support for Deserving Charities: The animal world has a plethora of charitable organisations providing a huge range of help for animals, their owners and in many cases the people who in turn receive massive support and help from animals. The Vet Charity Challenge supports different organisations each year and last year Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, SPANA and Cats Protection all received invaluable assistance. Team Challenges can achieve great things for charity, team challenges like the Vet Charity Challenge.

Enhancing Team Performance: There are very few teams or leaders of teams who would say that their team performs so well that there is no room for improvement. However, finding or being able to create the opportunity to work on enhancing performance can often be a difficult task. This is where the Vet Charity Challenge really shines. It provides an environment where teams from Veterinary Practices or in Veterinary related business can take part in a full day of physical and cerebral team tasks that are totally removed from the stresses of the workplace, but which have a real relevance to enhancing team performance. Very often providing teams with the opportunity to simply communicate and consider how well they are communicating is of huge benefit.  That combined with an opportunity to compete against others from the same profession is a big attraction. The Vet Charity Challenge delivers on so many levels.   


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