The Perfect Indoor Team Building Event?

Is it possible to deliver the absolute perfect indoor team building event? Unsurprisingly Quest thinks the answer is a resounding YES, and here’s some ideas on how. 

TV Newscast: Quest has been delivering specifically tailored versions of a team building event called TV Newscast for many years, and whilst confident that all of the team building it delivers results in key benefits being transferred back to the workplace, this event especially ticks a number of crucial boxes.

BIG Teams: A regular piece of feedback Quest receives especially when proposing a range of ideas to a prospective client, is that organisations want to keep their teams as close together as possible during an experiential team building programme or event, and they don’t want to break their overall team down into small sub-teams of 5 ~ 6. The reasons for this are varied and many, for example part of their reason for commissioning team building is to enable their people to get to know one another better and to enjoy some face to face interaction with people who often only communicate in the workplace via email.  Quest will usually be able to positively manage this feedback, but where it is an issue TV Newscast is often the answer. This team building event is precisely designed to be run with BIG sub-teams. 20 is ideal and even as big as 25 works very well. An added bonus to this is that TV newscast also works extremely well for very large overall teams. Provided the venue is big enough 500 is no issue.

Time Management & Meeting Deadlines: Quest understands that a crucial issue for many organisations is time management and especially achieving key deadlines. Most team building has some focus on time management whether it’s the requirement to fulfill certain tasks within a set time, or competing against other teams to complete a certain number of tasks in a prescribed time-frame. However, TV Newscast takes time management to a new level. TV Newscast replicates a TV studio, so when the instruction “Live Camera” is given there is no leeway, either a sub team is ready or they’re not. If they’re not the cameras will still roll so that inability to meet a key deadline will be recorded for posterity.  On a TV Newscast team building event there is nowhere to hide, and the effective time management learning is most effectively reinforced.

Reflecting the Business: Quest is regularly asked to include current themes, business messages and sales pitches in team building programmes and events, and TV Newscast lends itself to this requirement. This event provides a wealth of opportunity to include key features of the commissioning organisation, and the flexibility of the event structure means that it can be made as business centric as required. 

And Finally ~ the Weather: Other than being a core requirement for inclusion in the teams broadcast recordings, the weather plays no part in a TV Newscast event. Team building outdoors is clearly a wonderful experience when the weather is fine, but Quest is finding that increasingly clients do not want the risk, and an option that removes that potential problem is most welcome.

Perfect Team Building?The features detailed above are only a part of what a TV Newscast event could deliver to your team, so maybe it really is the perfect option.

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