Teams that Eat Together Stay Together?

Social commentators often trot out the phrase, “Families that eat together stay together,” but could that be true of business teams? Quest thinks it could, and by getting teams to cook and eat together they help to make it reality. 

A Recipe for Success:Cooking and eating are hugely sociable things to do, and when the volumes that have been written about team building have been ploughed through, the key message that is delivered is that the members of great teams know about one another by talking, learning about their team mates and learning to trust one another. What better setting for a team to talk than whilst cooking, (and eating).

How does it Work? “Take-Back” and relevance to the workplace is the cornerstone to all team building that Quest delivers and in team cooking Quest creates a business scenario: Sub-teams of 3 ~ 5 are given a specific objective: With a finite cash budget cook a gourmet meal for your team of at least three courses that will be ready to serve by 19.00 with the other teams that evening. Clearly to achieve that objective teams must firstly plan what they are going to cook, a process assisted by a plentiful supply of recipe books and expert advice from Quest’s highly qualified Chef. Maps and a list of local shops are provided. Teams then have to assess all available equipment and provisions, make decisions, agree key milestones and allocate roles. Just like the businesses from where the teams have come, Recipe for Success is a highly competitive team building exercise and points are awarded across a broad range of specific criteria.

Where does it Happen? At a number of venues across the country that provide either a number of fully equipped kitchens in which each team can work, or an indoor space big enough for Quest to create a kitchen per team. It is in those kitchens that Quest expects each team to finally hone their plans in conjunction with an assessment of the other kitchen utensils provided by Quest, and the wide range of basic food items in the Quest store cupboard like spices and oils.

What is Success?  Success in this team building programme has a number of stages: The teams that plan effectively will make smart decisions on what to cook based on available budget, the skills of their team and available equipment. Successful teams will manage time carefully, and set key milestones; they will move to the shopping stage smartly and make effective trade-off decisions to maximise the points available for using local suppliers verses supermarket chains verses available time. Winning teams will ensure their working areas are tightly managed with organised work stations being key. High performing teams will make full use of all resources, the Quest Chef being a main one; whilst he can’t actually cook for the teams he is there to advise, recommend and correct where needed. The best teams will challenge themselves hard and set high goals and standards; they will strive for excellence. The meal served and eaten by the best teams (and sampled by Quest), will be top restaurant standard.

Quest’s cooking team building programmes are not called “A Recipe for Success” for nothing.  

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