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Some business meetings can be highly interesting and engaging, others as everyone knows can be tiresome in the extreme. However, whether extremely absorbing or numbingly boring at some stage the attendees need a boost in endorphins, and a fast paced team building break out session can be just the answer.

Monopoly goes Giant:The world famous board game, now in its eightieth year, is as popular as ever. Not only is it a great game, its principles also form the core of a terrific team building activity that Quest calls City Challenges that can run for a full day, but which can be equally as effective as a meeting or conference break-out session. 

Where do City Challenges Take Place? Any large town or city can potentially be used, and unsurprisingly in the UK, London is an outstanding location. City Challenges use places of interest or tourist attractions for properties enabling sets to be created and the game to be replicated as closely as possible.

How Do Teams Benefit? A key element of the activity is that teams are given a broad range of concurrent tasks that all have to be completed to ensure success. Just like the workplace one of the first tasks teams must undertake is to identify the priority tasks, in this case those that will earn them the most points in the shortest time. Buying properties is high on the list. However, other elements like collecting a set of highly unusual team images are designed to be highly tempting and act as big distractions.

Effective strategising is also hugely important to achieve high scores. With careful monitoring of the board teams can work out the parts of the city to travel to where properties have not been bought by other teams and therefore where rent payments can be avoided.

Unsurprisingly it is considered planning at the very beginning of the team building that is the mark of the high performing teams. Those teams that quickly absorb their instructions, calmly identify key objectives and grade their importance and then positively move to the action phase will do well.

Equally unsurprisingly it is the teams that build clear communication paths across the team that are able to plan effectively, and then firstly put those plans into action, and secondly adapt them when inevitably they don’t run precisely as expected.

What is the Take-Back?Like all of what Quest delivers, City Challenge team building sessions replicate real workplace issues and problems. They provide teams with an opportunity to reflect on how they addressed those issues and how performance could be enhanced back in the office. They are also a great deal of fun whether for large teams of 50 plus over a full day, or as we delivered recently 10 international HR managers looking for a few hours light relief from a two day conference.    

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