Bringing all the Team Together

For organisations that have multiple offices spread across a large geographic area, enabling team members to meet one another & network can seem almost an almost insurmountable problem. Enabling those members to work together and to undertake some meaningful team building can seem  almost impossible. However, don’t despair. Help is at hand and Quest has just the answer.

Big Team? You need some BIG TEAMBUILDING! If your organisation has multiple locations, the chances are you have a large staff team. Transporting them all to one place may not be too big an issue, but where do they all sleep; what valuable team-building can be achieved, and how do you celebrate success?

Where can I run my BIG TEAMBUILDING? Quest has built up a tremendous relationship with Center Parcs venues over the past seven years. There are a number of great things about delivering big team building events at Center Parcs: Excellent accommodation to ensure teams can stay over in comfort; great countryside around the Parc into which the events can be extended outside of the Parc grounds, and an outstanding staff team to take care of every last detail. Center Parcs venues really are the ideal place in which to deliver big team building.

What format could my BIG TEAMBUILDING TAKE? Quest has developed the concept of a team building event called The Team Walk Challenge, which is specifically designed for big teams, so if you want to get from 100 to 600 people all taking part in a team build at the same time, the Team Walk Challenge is the perfect solution, and Quest can provide all the detail of how it works.

What benefit will my BIG TEAMBUILDING provide back at work? Whilst each client has different & specific reasons for providing a Team Walk Challenge event for their employee teams, the benefits for all are extensive, wide ranging and tangible. Some clients focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and the supporting of charities, mixed with the opportunity of a highly sociable reward experience for their teams. Other clients focus on the highly relevant and current issue of Employee Engagement, and have found that Team Walk Challenges are supremely effective at promoting and supporting that activity. All the organisations that have taken part in Team Walk Challenges have found they are an excellent networking environment, providing invaluable opportunities for employee teams spread across numerous operating locations.

Could we have a BIG PARTY as a finale to the BIG TEAMBUILDING? Not only do Center Parcs venues offer excellent large scale accommodation, they also provide an outstanding corporate hospitality location in The Venue. This is a highly flexible and modern corporate event hub where up to 500 people can be hosted and receive top quality catering in style. A wide range of themed dinners and parties can be delivered for big teams and all delivered by a highly flexible and customer focused team that exactly mirrors Quest’s standards.  

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