Employee well-being

There is a fundamental convention that is very much alive across all areas of commerce and industry in 2016 and that is Employee well-being. Others have come and gone, this one is standing the test of time, and is in fact being truly embraced cross sector.

Employee well-being is defined by CIPD as “creating an environment to promote a state of contentment which allows an employee to flourish and achieve their full potential for the benefit of themselves and their organization”
CIPD has identified eight areas as being key for well-being at work and four of those are of particular interest to Quest: Employee Development and Engagement; Relationships; Physical Health and Mental Health.

Quest has worked with a wide range of organisations to significantly improve Employee well-being and over the past seven years has developed a tried and tested programme of activities called the Team Walk Challenge. Through Team Walk Challenges Quest is able to deliver staff events for in excess of 500 people at one time, at which four of the eight areas of Employee well-being are rigorously addressed.

A highly strategic challenge is prepared for teams of five. The challenges are not specific to the organisation’s business, (although that can be an option), but over a day and a half draw out a range of core business skills to be practiced. Trade-off decision making; considered role allocation; scrupulous time management & well-chosen communication are some of the key skills typically addressed, all of which contribute significantly to employee development.

Usually and intentionally the teams comprise people who work in different parts of their business, and in different office locations. Increasingly Quest is told that current e-based work environments is at best stultifying and at worst damaging relationships across the workplace. Facilitating an atmosphere in which colleagues can put faces to names, start to build face-to-face rapport and quite simply talk with one another through an enjoyable but highly developmental process builds cross business relationships swiftly and effectively.

The physical health of staff has been of increasing concern to employers over many years, in parallel with the stance taken by central government about the physical health of the wider population. The workplace specifically and life styles in general are increasingly sedentary and whilst many employers are able to promote physical exercise “kick-starting” those same people into actually getting up & starting to build an exercise regime is often a huge task. Well-meant words and concrete action remain stubbornly divided. A Team Walk Challenge has at its core a physical challenge. Teams compete against one another and team members routinely discover that through that promoted competition they can actually achieve a great deal more than they remotely thought. In the company of work colleagues that discovery has been shown on many occasions to be dramatic and life changing. Kick starts don’t have to be complicated.

There is proven evidence that mental health is linked to physical health. The kick starting of a new more active life style can manifest itself quickly in improved outlook & behavior. Mental resilience, very much in vogue, can be greatly enhanced by improved physical health. The powerful kick- start of a Team Work Challenge is not just limited to physical movement, mental benefits form a partnership

Promoting a state of contentment across even the largest organisations and actually creating tangible well-being for staff is achievable and affordable. The kick start is ready and waiting, you simply need to pull your foot back!  

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