Corporate Social Responsibility and Team Building

The term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been in popular use for around fifty years, so it’s certainly nothing new. However, as a concept it’s still highly relevant, and high on the agenda for organisations wanting to ensure they perform responsibly, ethically and in many cases charitably in their local, national or even international operating environment.



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In narrow terms CSR can simply mean and indeed be fulfilled by an organisation performing responsibly in the way that for example it manages its means of waste and pollution reduction. Increasingly though CSR is being addressed in significantly broader fashion. Simply complying to earn a “tick in the box” is no longer enough. Organisations want to be making an active contribution to their community, whatever its size, and want to be seen to be making an active contribution.

Quest is fortunate in its involvement in providing team building that supports CSR for many years with many different organisations. Assisting organisations to build high performing teams is rewarding in itself. Assisting organisations to make a significant contribution to their community as a direct result of developing high performing teams is even better, and there are three keys ways in which Quest is able to achieve that enviable goal.

Team Charity Challenge Events
These are most suitable for organisations with large teams, of one hundred plus. The format of the event can sit at any point on the physical scale; can be delivered in either urban or rural settings, and include a breathtaking choice of activities. The key issue is that the event has a second clear objective sitting alongside developing the team, and that is raising money for charity. Sponsorship of participants is one way, but so many people want sponsorship for so much that this can often be a “big ask.”  Quest has found  if the event is held in a highly attractive venue over a couple of days that participants are delighted to pay a contribution themselves, on the clear understanding that their contribution goes direct to the chosen charity. Contributions of £30 are normal, but £60 is not uncommon, and for an event for 500, well you do the math’s!  Further information HERE  & HERE

Apprentice Style Team Building Programmes
Quest regularly delivers programmes for smaller teams of fifteen to twenty five, based on the ever popular Apprentice TV show. Delegates get the opportunity to experience the demands of selling at some of London’s most famous markets, and in addition to enhancing their high performing team skills, can make a significant contribution to a charity from the profits made on the day.  Further information HERE

Working in the Community
There are a host of centres, projects and support groups in all communities delighted to receive complimentary assistance. Team-working at decorating, renovation and maintenance is an outstanding way to develop teams. Under the expert guidance of Quest, garden makeovers, playroom refurbishment, sensory space creation and wild area maintenance have all been successfully undertaken. Further information HERE

Corporate Social Responsibility may not be new, but in 2016 it is still significant, extremely beneficial for recipients, and highly developmental for those contributing.

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