Effective Communication why is it so Crucially Important for Teams?

On almost every occasion that Quest receives an enquiry about delivering team building, one of the key objectives client’s want help to address and ideally improve is effective communication. Whether that is a desired improvement between one or two team members, across a whole department or even between departments, the message from the client is clear and simple: ‘We’re not imparting or exchanging information in a way that ensures mutual understanding’.

Effective communication is difficult to achieve face to face but in a world where so much communication (note the absence of the word effective) takes place electronically the task is uphill. However, reflection, assistance and guidance can always be provided, and there is a broad spectrum of ways to do that.

At Quest we like to cut through to the heart of issues swiftly and effectively. For communication to be improved and become effective all team members need to have an understanding of themselves and their colleagues and how they prefer to behave. Within that understanding of behavior sits an understanding of how they like to communicate, and the style they will adopt in that communication. Once team members have their own understanding, the next step is sharing with their colleagues. This can all be achieved through a variety of personality profiling tools, and whilst qualified to deliver many, Quest’s preferred tool is Myers Briggs Type Indicator, (MBTi). Therefore when asked to work at improving communication with delegates, Quest will advise that when possible the experiential team building, in whatever form, is prefaced with an MBTI session. If the delegates have previously worked through MBTI (and its felt that team communication is still ineffective) a shortened refresher/update can conducted. This will ensure that the delegates start the event with an understanding of how they prefer to communicate with their colleagues and as importantly how their colleagues prefer to communicate with them. Improvement and effectiveness can be built upon understanding. 

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Practically Experiencing Communication - With some clear understanding of how effective communication works, there are many experiential sessions that can then be delivered to allow practice in a safe environment. Examples are:

Recipe for Success - This is a tremendous activity for reflecting on and practicing effective communication. From a logistical perspective it can be delivered neatly in an afternoon, which enables a full MBTI session to be delivered in the morning. In addition the opportunities and requirements for communication within the sub teams is high and in an environment where facilitators can easily observe and assist reflection and feedback.

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TV Newscast - Another super activity which works extremely well in a half day, allowing for an MBTI morning. Like Recipe for Success, there is also lots of opportunity for close but unobtrusive facilitator observation, and without doubt the session will produce a huge amount of communication, some of which will be achieved well, and much that will provide invaluable self-led reflection and review.

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Trading Places
Fast paced and dynamic, the timing of this session also means that an MBTI workshop can be added. Observation opportunities are also good, and there will be plenty of communication on which the teams can reflect.

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The understanding of effective communication and its established practice is crucial for those teams that aspire to be high performing in 2016. With a considered investment tangible development can be smoothly achieved.  

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