Assisting the Alliance of Two Companies.

Winning repeat business with clients is always the best, and the request for a reprise of an event originally delivered ten years ago, is an absolute pleasure. When that reprise is to help the client with the many challenges of merging with a recently purchased organisation it’s a great compliment. 

Event Management - Like so much of what Quest delivers, the client was not looking simply for team building, but the delivery of the whole event: Venue sourcing; transport; AV provision; a gala dinner and party and an outdoor team building activity suitable for the end of November.

Weatherproof - Outdoor team building in the UK is always going to be a risk, but there are ways to mitigate that, and making the activity urban based with plenty of opportunities to get inside goes a long way to lessen the risk. Quest’s City Challenge events fit that bill like a glove.

The City of Dreaming Spires - Quests relationship with this particular client from the wealth management sector goes back to 2006, and many team building events and sessions have been delivered for them in the intervening ten years. However, it was a City Challenge in Cardiff that the people still with the company continue to talk about, and so a reprise of that event, but this time in the City of Dreaming Spires, Oxford, looked good for ticking all the boxes.

Event Venue - One of the features of this event was all about long standing relationships. As well as a long standing affiliation with the client, Quest has an even longer one with the venue providers, what is now De Vere Venues. Yet again the staff at The Oxford Spires 4 Pillars Hotel pulled out all the stops to ensure the day ran like clockwork and the party went off with a bang!

City Challenge - Unsurprisingly London is a truly outstanding city in which to run a city challenge. However, there are a number of provincial cities that also have a huge amount to offer, and Oxford is one of those. Bearing an interesting resemblance to a world famous board game now in its 113 year, a City Challenge event is an ideal way to challenge teams in a number of key ways. Careful strategizing; meticulous time management and effective planning are three skills the teams get plenty of opportunity to practice. When you link that with sub-teams mixed up from the two merged businesses, and you have the ideal team building opportunity. Despite the careful inclusion of weather proof elements, we need not have been concerned, the afternoon was truly stunning, a classic British winter’s afternoon, and teams made the best of it. Record numbers of properties were purchased, (record amounts of rent was paid ………….oops), but fortunately no team was sent to jail! And at the end of the afternoon, lots of pink cheeked faces and glowing noses, perfect for building the appetite for a gala team dinner.

A day to remember and a tremendous platform from which the new organisation can build in 2017. Here’s to the next 10 years.


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