Robin Hood is back in Sherwood Forest

Legend has it that somewhere between 650 and 850 years ago, Robin Hood & his merry men used to take from the rich and give to the poor. Times have clearly moved on, but Quest was very happy to work with over 500 people from one of the world’s biggest insurers again in September 2016, and run an event for them in Sherwood Forest. Over the course of 36 hours Quest ran a team build which enabled the participants to be 21st Century Robin Hoods, and gratefully receive from the fortunate and donate to the not so fortunate. 

As it has been for the past seven years, the idea of the event is brilliantly simple: Invite over 500 people to attend a team building event, which provides tremendous take-back to the business & which enables people from across the business to meet, often for the first time, and work and play together. The participants pay a nominal entry fee which when totalled up and added to raffle and spot prize money means a lot given by the fortunate participants to the not so fortunate people supported by the clients chosen charity currently the British Red Cross.

Making team building concepts not just work but sparkle is what Quest does best. Each year the event has a beautiful rural walk as its core, but ingeniously built around that is a theme which is different each time. The attendees work in teams of five, and are rewarded in the event scoring if they build their teams with colleagues who do not normally work together. The theme features a wide range of experiential tasks and mental problems placed strategically around the course at Activity Points (AP’s). These challenge even the very best of the teams. One part of the appeal of the event is that because the teams can choose how many of the AP’s they walk to, all levels of fitness are managed. Unsurprisingly after seven years the kudos of being the winning team is extremely high, and whilst designed as a walk and hugely enjoyed as such by many, lots of teams run the course.

The results of this event are wide, varied and highly positive. The event and the aura which surrounds it means that when it is launched via its own website it “sells” out like a rock concert. People across the company talk about it and are bound together by it. Over the weekend that it is run, scores of colleagues who only know one another via mail or phone, get to meet, and form lasting relationships and not least the feeling of well-being in making such a worthwhile contribution to charity is significant.
This is an event which delivers on many levels.  

Programming by Switch Systems

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