Wellbeing at Work

Quest increasingly finds that clients want to have their teams take part in development work that includes the promotion of Wellbeing at work, and this is another area in which Quest excels.

Big Teams
Usually when Quest is asked to work with a big team the client means 70 or 80. However, Quest has a few clients for whom big means 400 ~500 and one of those clients has for the past four years requested an event that promotes Wellbeing at work for 450 colleagues at the same time. Sounds like a tall order? Not for Quest, we love that sort of request.

The Question
Actually it was originally two questions: Can you deliver team building that promotes Wellbeing at work for 450 colleagues and, How? That was back in 2013. Four years on and now the client only asks the second part, and that only to be kept informed of what Quest has planned.

The Answer
Quest has three key tenets for the delivery of this event: It must give every participant a clear sense of achievement; it must enable every participant to know they have made a tangible contribution to the wider community, and it must present the participants with an opportunity to improve their physical fitness.

This is how Quest has been delivering that answer since 2013:

A Sense of Achievement ~ Unsurprisingly in a team of 450 there are some extremely physically fit people, and others who would like to become more fit. The key element is devising an activity that will indulge both those already fit and those who are working on it. The event is staged in a countryside setting, and the course cleverly plotted so that all participants are encouraged to challenge themselves. However each sub-team decides how far they travel and how many activity points they attempt.

A Contribution ~ These events are staged partly to support the clients annual chosen charity. Unlike most team building, the participants pay to attend! However, there is clever twist to this unusual requirement. The events are held at Center Parcs venues. The attendees have the opportunity to stay for two nights at Center Parcs and make use of all the excellent facilities, and experience an outstanding team building experience and attend a gala dinner on the Saturday night. For all of that they are asked for a small fee, but that fee goes straight to the charity. Simple but clever. When that attendance fee is added to all of the charitable activities that take place at the gala dinner, the charitable contribution is significant.

Improved Fitness ~ Not a day goes by without us all being lambasted by a TV or radio news story about how the UK population needs to do more exercise. Easier said than done for most, and for many having a target to aim for in fitness training is crucial. This event is launched to colleagues via an event website some 6 months in advance. This provides a perfect target and incentive, which when combined with office chat means that for many it is just the incentive they needed to move more and eat less!

This core structure has more than answered the client’s requirement, and Quest is looking forward to doing it all again in September.  

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