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Quest is regularly involved in supporting workshop sessions or longer development programmes such as MBTi, SDI and ILM. Here’s how we helped reinforce Change Management processes on an ILM Five programme last week.

Responding to Change
The acronym KISS is one that Quest holds dear when delivering all team building, and it was especially true with this ILM session, where some simple but highly effective exercises helped reinforce the change learning. How leaders and managers respond to change themselves is crucial in terms of how they then convey and shepherd that change process with their teams and direct reports. It’s amazing what you can do with something as simple as brightly coloured domino pieces! The delegates, working in two small sub-teams were given a complicated domino-fall creation to build, which very soon had them all totally absorbed. Just when they thought they had the build finished, they were given a new set of plans, containing some subtle but crucial changes to be included, before the fall could be executed. Utterly frustrating, but what a simple reflection on life back at the workplace. Lots of behaviour observed and lots to reflect on and learn from later.

Promoting Change
An exercise called Three Cubes, A Pyramid of Success was used a little later in the morning. This is an ingenious exercise involving three sizes of plastic cubes, with different images on each face of each cube! The task is to build three bigger cubes by matching the images and building up bigger pictures. The key to success is to experiment, test and not be afraid to try different approaches. Continually changing plans is vital, and promoting and encouraging those changes with all the team to ensure moral stays high. More great observations, more to discuss afterwards. Effective training!

Planning for Change
The old piece of wisdom “Fail to Plan ~ Plan to Fail,” is true in so many situations, not just business environments. Yet quite patently talking about planning and actually conducting effective planning are very different things, and when the talking is done the doing so often gets forgotten!  The final experiential exercise of the day was used to reinforce that message with great effect. The two teams were each given a full size go-kart kit to assemble, but no plans, and the build (being carefully timed) was slow, very slow. The teams were allowed to progress for a short period and then stopped. They were then asked to implement innovative change, i.e. implement processes which would dramatically improve the build process. In other words devise some effective plans. When that was complete the build process was started again and they were timed to see how long it took to get to the same place they were stopped at before. A simple but effective demonstration that a little time spent planning can save a lot of time doing. Planning for change.
ILM Training with a difference! There was universal agreement from the delegates that the session had allowed them to put theory into practice and combine some highly effective experiential learning with the classroom session.

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