Space ~ The Final Frontier

It’s not every day that Quest gets a call from the European Space Agency, so when they called to ask us to work with them again in June in the Netherlands, there was much excitement, especially as this was the fourth time in the past few years that Quest had earned the opportunity to deliver team building for this illustrious organisation.


The manager of the team requiring Quest’s assistance had recently been appointed and had attended an event delivered by Quest in 2010. At that time he had experienced the positive effect the team building had on the team he was then a part of, and there were a number of parts from that event that he wished to replicate. Like so many at ESA, his new team is multinational and he was very keen to work on effective communication skills; on the team getting a far better understanding of their own and their colleagues personality profiles and styles of working; and on building and encouraging trust. 

Event Format:

The event required was the sort that Quest can really “get its teeth into:” Quest designed a classic combination of workshop sessions and experiential activities designed to bring the workshops to life. The combination would provide the delegates with plenty of opportunity to practice and hone classroom learning, whilst practically experiencing the effects on their colleagues of behaviour and preferred styles, and all in a safe environment.

Day One:

With trust, effective communication and getting to know one another as key objectives, a straight forward Window Pane exercise was the ideal way to start the programme, and very quickly delegates were learning a lot of new information about their colleagues. This is turn helped in the building of trust, the foundation stone of any high performing team. Myers Briggs Personality Profiling is very frequently used by Quest, in fact there are not many weeks in the year when either full sessions, or workshops highly influenced by it, are not delivered. For the requirements of this team, MBTI was the perfect way to continue the opening of the programme. As usual it was delivered in a highly participative and dynamic style, and although as is often the case, there was a little initial cynicism from some, this was quickly dispelled and all the delegates were soon totally absorbed and fascinated.
Following those workshops it was time to get the delegates practicing and experiencing what they’d learned and a session called Building on Communication delivered outside in the hotel’s lovely grounds, provided a perfect experience for the delegates to witness what happens when communication goes wrong, and the amazing results that can be achieved when it goes right. Following that session there was time for review and reflection, before further honing of what had been theoretically and practically learned in a version of the Quest Compass: A range of physical and cerebral challenges had been set up using more of the hotel’s grounds, and working in small teams of four the delegates rotated around the challenges, earning a score as they progressed.

Day Two:

The day began with a full review of what had been learned so far, before getting everyone on their feet and taking part in an indoor based exercise called Three Cubes. Making use of a large multi piece plastic structure three sub-teams had to quickly overcome their desire to compete with one another, and instead work smartly at pooling their resources and sharing their knowledge to achieve success.
This session was followed by further workshops, exploring what makes High Performing teams, before moving onto a final experiential session called TV Newscast. That gave the delegates the opportunity to have some fun, but also through the high demands it makes on time management and collaborative working it was a very positive way to bring the programme to a close.
The delegates may not have soared into space, but they certainly reached new heights of understanding about themselves, their colleagues and their team, all of which has been a tremendous help back in the workplace

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