Pub Games and a Barbecue

Team building doesn’t always have to be meticulously structured to achieve the desired results. Occasionally simply bringing a team together away from the workplace and providing a relaxed setting in which to socialise and have a little fun in one another’s company, works very well too.  

Home from Home Team Building:

Quest was recently delighted to take a call from a client from the IT sector for whom we have worked for nearly twenty years. The client wanted to take his team out of the office for the day, run an offsite business meeting in the morning, and then provide an extensive barbecue lunch and fun pub games during the afternoon. The unique element to the event was that the client wanted to run the event from his own house!

Grand Designs:

Quest has been regularly updated on the client’s adventures in the world of property renovation and development. Some years ago he purchased a derelict farm-yard, consisting of various barns, sheds and a disused milking parlour. After years of tireless effort and work, he is the proud owner of a stunning barn conversion set in extensive grounds. Where better to get his team away from the stresses of the office than the relaxing setting of this rural idyll. 

Teams That Lunch:

There is a much used quote that says families that eat together, stay together. Quest thinks that could also be true of teams, whether from the corporate world or elsewhere, so much so that Quest actually delivers a tremendous cooking (and eating) based team build. On this occasion that was not required, although the culinary skills of certain members of the Quest team certainly were. In true Quest style all the required equipment was trailered in, and after a very busy morning of preparation and cooking, a stunning barbecue spread was awaiting the team as they broke for lunch.

Pub Fun & Games:

The weather was perfect, and in the grounds surrounding the barn and gardens, the Quest team had set up a broad range of activities and games all with a pub beer-garden in mind, what better way to spend a summer’s afternoon? Quoits and Skittles amongst others along with giant versions of Connect Four, Jenga, and Shove Ha’penny had all been laid out, and despite the size of lunch the team were soon having a grand time. Relaxing though it was intended to be, this team can’t help competing and some of the games became very noisy indeed.
It was relaxed, it was different, and there was no overt reference to building the team, but build the team it most certainly did.

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