3…2…1…On Air!

The turn of September signifies beginnings and transitions into new and exciting opportunities. For the 32 Graduates joining IMI this year, it marks the end of an era in education and the start of a career in the working world. For the third year running, Quest has delivered team development and training for the enthusiastic and diverse group of new employees at one of the UK’s major engineering companies. The event took place at their offices as part of their induction fortnight.

3…2…1…On Air!

During the onset of a new career, there is pressure to leave good first impressions in a short period of time. The TV Newscast exercise visually portrayed this, as well as a microcosm of working within a large team. There was a need to be flexible and adaptive; communicative and organised; well time managed and calm under stress; as well as a plethora of other vital skills.

The TV Newscast was undertaken in two teams, where they were given the opportunity to assign roles and jobs, to determine an efficient and effective performance. What was most interesting was the shift in confidence, from the original apprehension towards being able to finish the task.


The successful results achieved by both groups in the TV Newscast can be highly attributed to the events leading up to that final exercise. Quest designed and structured the day to allow individuals to initially learn about the theories behind high performing teams which then allowed them to put it into practice. As well as this, the graduates have had a week to converge and form great bonds with each other.

The latter point is crucial in building trust, which according to Patrick Lencioni is what forms the basis of high performing teams. The day began with a brief introduction to his theories found in his widely used book ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’. Then there was an insightful discussion and reflection based on a series of images as well as on a few key words.

These theories were then put into practice in the exercise, ‘Designer, Builder and Supervisor’. Fortunately, good weather prevailed and the activity took place outside in the gardens by the office. The objective of this task was to present how important communication is but also gave the opportunity to experience the importance of trust within a team. Following a thought provoking discussion on what the graduates discovered during this exercise, the objectives of the TV Newscast challenge was met with ease.

Witnessing the progression of the group through the intense and action packed afternoon was a delight for Quest as an events management company. The delivery of team building through both theoretical and practical application led to a once again enjoyable and successful afternoon.

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