No rest for the wicked!

Or should we say no rest for the 7 apprentices, whom partook in an action packed 36 hours designed and delivered by Quest.

Cotswold Water Parks

Set in the tranquil surroundings of Cotswold Water Parks, Lake Pochard Holiday Chalets provided the perfect venue with suitable kitchens, accommodation and outdoor space. Arriving at 08:30am, the apprentices, from one of the largest UK engineering companies, were greeted with a hot breakfast and a range of beverages before sitting through a briefing of the event. This marked the start of an exciting day, with the group split into two teams and competing head to head.

Mini adventure race series and more…

With a map in hand, the morning began with the adrenaline filled teams participating in a mini adventure race series. This involved running, biking, and kayaking to as many checkpoints as possible within an allocated time. Pushing the young apprentices out of their comfort zone, this provided the opportunity to test their team working abilities. Their skills were further developed during a wobbly ascent up the ‘Head4heights’ climbing course which then lead to the group working together to get to the top. Over 4 hours into the day and the apprentice teams are neck to neck as they stop for a lunch break. Phew! Following into the afternoon an engineering based task, challenged their organisation, time management and role allocation skills within a team.  Just when they thought it was all over, the Quest team had a surprise for the apprentices. The second part of the afternoon would involve cooking a three course meal with the ingredients supplied for them. With the help and guide of the Quest Chef, the outcome was a success and there was a real sense of pride and achievement within the group.


The following day was very much a contrast to the previous action packed day. A key part of the development program is to review, reflect and analyse how they performed and what they had learnt about each other. Exposing the apprentices to deadlines and high pressure situations achieved the key objective, to form trust within the team. The apprentices not only left the event with a new support network and bond, but the fun memories which they will keep and share for years to come.

Programming by Switch Systems

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