The Big Quiz

Many of us have been to Quizzes whether of the pub variety or maybe the school PTA variety, however, you haven’t really taken part in a quiz until you’ve taken part in a Quest Big Quiz. Interactive, high energy and a huge amount of fun, The Big Quiz works in many formats, and unsurprisingly is a terrific addition to a Christmas party. And that’s exactly how we delivered it last week.  

The Client

Was from the highly technical world of manufacturing coatings for electron microscopes.

They had a Christmas team lunch planned at a fabulous venue in a small Sussex town, Thyme for Food and Friends, and contacted Quest back in August regarding a potential team activity for the morning that would be a fun lead up to lunch.

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The Solution

It was decided that a bespoke version of The Big Quiz was the ideal solution, and Quest set about putting the solution into production. The event was planned to run over three sessions for a full morning and this is how it worked:

Session One

Everyone has their favourite movie, and those they consider to be classics. Quest picked some of the best, for Round One, “What’s The Movie?” We then augmented that with some devilish hard observation questions, and then a list of bonus questions for good measure. A great way to get the morning started. One of the six teams performed particularly well, and to quote from one of the movies, “failure (was) not an option!” Can you guess the movie?

We live in a celebrity culture, so what better to follow movies, but a Spot the Celebrity round. Not just any spot the celebrity though: The images were slowly revealed on the big screen, many of them were intentionally of the celebrities before they were well known, and to really up the ante, many had a splendid image of Santa over parts of their faces. We think the picture of the PM was taken on the infamous wheat field day, and who’d believe that a certain President did actually complete some military service!

Session Two

The pivotal round, where large numbers of additional points could be won, or a lead already taken could be lost.

The TV show where contestants watch as a Million Pounds potentially disappears in front of their eyes is tense, exciting and ideal for teams. The Quest replica is highly authentic, and had the teams, playing in pairs head to head, whooping with delight and groaning in despair as sure fire answers turned out to be incorrect.

Team Building Events, Egg White, Challenge

Session Three

After a second short break, the teams were back on their feet for the now famous Quest Egg White Challenge. The task was simple, with the two eggs provided crack and separate the yolk from the white and then hand whisk the whites until firm enough for one of the team to invert the bowl over their head! High energy and hilarious, particularly the faces of the person inverting the bowl. One team got it all on cue and were the clear winners, and fortunately no-one got “egg on their face” or on their head!

The final part of the morning comprised a food taste round interspersed with a What’s the TV Theme Tune? Once again a real variation was used to cater for all ages, this was a chance for teams to show that they could distinguish their 70% from their 90% cocoa solids and correctly identify a popular police drama from the 70’s from a certain present day show about cake!

This was fun team building, everyone got thoroughly involved and the scores were really close with just two points separating first from second.

As the applause subsided Quest moved into pack up mode and the teams got drinks and took their seats for what looked and smelled like a fabulous Christmas team lunch.  


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