London City Challenge

When Quest was approached for a team event as a prelude to their Christmas party by a London based company specialising in consultancy to the construction industry, our immediate response was a version of the London City Challenge. After an explanatory phone call and detailed proposal they were sold on the concept, and Quest started preparations.


The world famous board game featuring London property and avoiding jail, is still as popular now as it was all those years ago when first launched.

The Quest version of that game has also retained its popularity as a super team building event over many years, in part because the participants get the opportunity to actually visit the places and properties that Quest has put on the board.

Last week we divided the team into three sub-teams and after some preparation time, they were all soon out and heading for the first properties they wanted to buy. Soon the phones back at Quest HQ were very busy as teams called in from Harrods, Buckingham Palace and the Science Museum in their attempt to be the first to buy those places, and just as urgently avoid paying the other teams a rent.

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Scavenger Hunt

Questopoly is the main activity that runs throughout a London City Challenge. However, because the teams are out in the centre of London, there is huge potential for teams to complete other activities too.

Strategizing and planning can be practiced and executed as the teams work at obtaining obscure items like some roasted chestnuts, some mistletoe and a Santa hat, to name but a few. One of the teams displayed some most impressive negotiation skills as they collected all ten items on the list without parting with any cash!

Photo Challenge

Further opportunity for scoring maximum points came with the photo challenge and as teams continued to phone in to buy property, snatches of conversations could be overheard that indicated pictures were being taken.

Sure enough when the teams returned to HQ as the event drew to a close two of them had managed to find a most accommodating Policeman to pose with them; the staff at the Tea Counter at Fortnum’s had been very helpful with another team, and they had all managed to get right into the Christmas spirit with Santa and his Elves at Selfridges.

Team Challenges

Whilst the teams were moving rapidly from one property to the next, one of the Quest team got over to BBC Centre, and was waiting when the first team appeared to take part in a team challenge. As if the chance to do a bit of celebrity spotting wasn’t enough, tourists were able to witness two of the teams taking part in some very interesting antics, all in aid of scoring yet more points to add to their total.  

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London Quiz

Many would say London is the world’s finest Capital City, and Quest maximised on this amazing location by presenting the teams with their fifth challenge, the London Quiz.  This was cleverly designed to ensure that teams found the answers by visiting the places in the quiz rather than simply “googling it.” Lombard Street, The Royal Albert Hall and Piccadilly Circus, all featured, and all the teams performed well with this challenge.

Scores and Prizes

Impressively, all three teams were back on time, so no penalties were incurred. Carrying bags of scavenger items, phones with lots of pictures and all with pink noses and faces from the winter chill the teams were excited and full of stories of their exploits.

Whilst they all did some quick changing for their night out, Quest completed the scores, and mighty impressive they were too. Only £4.00 separated the teams in first and second place, and third was not far behind. Many of the participants had visited parts of London they’d not seen before and all had enjoyed a great team experience. 

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