Charitable Team Building

Quest was delighted to be asked by Benson Elliot to once again arrange and deliver their team CSR Team Build event, which this year took place in early September.

New Project

Following a terrific day at The Venture Centre in 2018, the Benson Elliot team were keen to spread their charitable wings and help out once again at a different community centre.

St Hilda’s East Community Centre

As usual Quest worked hard to find alternative projects where Benson Elliot could work this year, and finally delivered a short-list of two for the client coordinators to visit. Both are highly deserving hubs for their local communities and both were extremely keen to have some assistance from a Corporate team, but St Hilda’s won-over the client in minutes, and was quickly confirmed as the Benson Elliot CSR project for September 2018.

St. Hilda’s East Community Centre is a vibrant multi-purpose community organisation, providing a wide range of services and opportunities for local people of all ages. St. Hilda’s aims to combat the challenges arising from deprivation and social exclusion in the local community through a range of high quality social, healthy living, educational, and recreational programmes. St Hilda’s aims to promote understanding between all sections of the local community, offering a setting for multicultural, intergenerational and interfaith exchange.


The Tasks

Working with St Hilda’s management team four refurbishment/repair tasks were identified for the team building day, in addition to a social interaction activity.

The refurb’ tasks required four small teams to: Clean, repair and paint the walls in the reception hall and corridors; clean, repair and paint the walls in the first floor landing and corridor areas; clean, repair and paint the lower half of the walls in the main hall and remove all the timbers from an outdoors deck area, dispose of all rotten wood and build a new base frame before relaying hard-wood deck boards. Quite a list for the day!   

The social interaction element of the day involved 19 members of the Benson Elliot team accompanying the Centre’s Older Persons Group on a day trip to the British Museum.              

The Team Work

As with all Quest CSR team events, real team work is required to complete all of the practical tasks. The teams quickly completed some role allocation and established who was better suited to the painting and decorating tasks and who could offer more to the carpentry and timber work outdoors. Meanwhile, the team who were to accompany the older persons group had self-selected pre-event. For the repair and refurb teams collaboration was the key team behaviour as they shared a wide range of materials and equipment. For the team taking care of the older persons group, good communication was vital as they helped St Hilda’s to continue all of their positive work in reducing loneliness and feelings of social exclusion amongst retired people.

The Results

All of the refurbishment and repair tasks were completed in fine style. The corridor and reception areas had been painted in a rather heavy green and orange respectively some years ago, so in addition to repairing and painting, the teams brightened both areas with a pale and cheerful yellow and a much lighter green. Meanwhile the main hall was transformed from its grubby and dull off-white to a very smart sky blue. The outdoor deck was repaired, made safe and transformed and was greeted with great delight by all its users.

Over at The British Museum the Older Persons Group had a lovely day, and were made to feel very special by the Benson Elliot team. Conversation was great, stories were swapped and lots of lovely pictures taken.

What an outstanding Team Building day!

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