Graduate Induction Programme

Quest has worked with IMI Graduates helping with their induction programme for the past three years, and was delighted to be asked once again to deliver a High Performing Teams Session in mid-September. The even better news was that this year the request was for the session to be extended right through the afternoon and into the early evening. This is how:

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Time is tight and the schedule packed on this programme, so the session is fast moving and dynamic, and that started with a whistle-stop look at the concept of Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team. With Lencioni’s principles in mind the five sub-teams then worked through a self-led discussion, before moving onto the first experiential activity of the afternoon, Building on Communication. Each team was given a design for a small plastic construction, and all of the materials to build that design. However, the team members doing the building weren’t allowed to see the plans, and were limited to taking all instructions verbally from other team members who had only received a verbal communication on the design. Sound intriguing? Contact Quest to find out more!

TV Newscast

Having spent the first part of the afternoon working in small sub-teams of five, Quest mixed things up for the second part, with the formation of two BIG teams. TV Newscast is all about absorbing and quickly disseminating large quantities of information and instruction across a big team. Once that part is accomplished the information has to be transformed into a seven minute TV newscast, filmed live and in one take, and all within a tight and constantly developing time frame. Just like the real thing, but sadly without the huge salaries!  

 Canape Creation

New for 2018! After an action packed afternoon, the team thought they were off for a further team activity and then dinner. They weren’t wrong in their understanding of the overall plan, just in its execution! They took a quick break and then moved into the very smart and well equipped staff canteen and kitchen area where other members of the Quest team had created a “pop-up” kitchen. All the necessary ingredients, materials and equipment had been set up ready for the Graduates to spend the following two hours creating a wide range of mouth-watering savoury and sweet canapes. As usual on a Quest cooking-based event, Chef was in attendance to share his expertise, give guidance and on occasion make some timely interventions! It was busy busy busy through the early evening, but as the session time ticked to a close, through the mist of flour and spices, appeared some truly wonderful creations. As the team’s mopped their collective brows and stood back to admire their creations, the Quest team started to serve pizza from the kitchen, and the Graduates settled down to gustily polish off what they had made and cooked, along with pizza and soft drinks.

What a team, what a team building event and how better to illustrate the meaning of a High Performing Team.

(And what a start to a career with one of the world’s leading engineering organisations)!

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