Training for the Intelligent Sport UK Challenge

In 1997 Quest delivered its first training weekends for what was then called The Mitel UK Challenge. Quest is delighted to report that some 15 years later in 2012, organisations are still asking Quest to help them select and prepare for this prestigious event.


Quest Team Building with Lloyds Banking Group Again

Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) has been involved with what is now called the Intelligent Sport UK Challenge (ISUKC) for very many years, and Quest was delighted to be asked to deliver some training to teams made up of 60 people from Lloyds once again in January 2012.

Back to The New Forest

In its 17 year history, Quest has delivered a vast array of team building in the wonderful surroundings of The New Forest. With its bridleways, cycle tracks and wonderful variety of terrain, this peaceful idyll on the south coast provides a perfect area in which teams can forget about the stresses of the workplace and can practice at performing better together.

The ISUKC has always made the very best of challenging countryside to test corporate teams to the full, and the New Forest is great to practice and train for that. Set in the New Forest the Avon Tyrell Centre is a tremendous place that specialises in outdoor education for youth groups, but which also provides excellent facilities for corporate organisations who want to get their teams out of the office.

Quest has had a working relationship with Avon Tyrell for over 10 years, and with the two days of team building the Quest facilitators wanted to provide to LBG, Avon Tyrell was the ideal venue.  

A Combination of Physical and Cerebral

 In order to provide the very best training to the LBG teams Quest devised a two day team building programme that would include a range of challenges set indoors and outdoors and which delivered a balanced mix of physical and mental input. This would all be facilitated through four separate but interlinking competitive stages. 

Stage 1 Building Success

The world’s economy has been on something of a rollercoaster now for nearly four years, and whilst that has presented many people with many issues, it also provided a great back-drop for the opening stage of the two day team build.

The ten teams were pitted against one another in an activity based in the stunning grounds of Avon Tyrell and in the lovely old main house, and spent the morning, managing different time zones, trading currency, buying building materials and planning their strategy to ensure their team built the biggest buildings on the maximum number of continents.  Demanding but highly enjoyable.

Stage 2 All Creatures Great and Small

After a packed lunch it was time to get the teams outdoors once again this time further into the forest as they tackled the next team building stage based on African big game animals and collecting what are universally referred to as “The Big Five.”

Through careful role allocation, team division and route planning the teams had to collect images of the big five placed at check-points around the forest. Once collected the whole team then had to rendezvous with the Head Ranger, based at a secret location back at Avon Tyrell so that he could verify their collection. Just like a safari holiday, but less expensive!

Stage 3 The Big Quiz

After a hearty dinner prepared and served by Quest’s own catering team, it was back to the team building with Stage 3, The Big Quiz.

As with all of the other stages the activities were designed to take the teams outdoors and indoors, and was made up of two distinct parts: Four Ticket Challenges: 1. Olympic Word Search; 2. Origami Challenge; 3. Domino Stacking; 4 Spot the Difference, and Four quizzes: 1. It’s All in the Detail – a test of observation skills and memory; 2. Where in the World? – (Did the delegates pay attention to school Geography lessons?); 3. Sound Tracks - a test of knowledge of movie anthems and 4. A Question of Sport – a test of sporting knowledge and body flexibility!

This was fast moving and exciting stuff, and following the afternoon’s physical stage was a great opportunity for the less physical team members to make a real contribution with cerebral skills.

Stage 4 An Olympic Heptathlon

LBG are one of the main sponsors of the forthcoming London 2012 Olympics, so it seemed most fitting at this team building activity to include an Olympic Stage.

The relevance of having an Olympic stage was heightened by the fact that one of the teams was actually made up from staff from the LBG Olympic Co-ordination Team, so a profusion of London 2012 marketing materials helped to create a real atmosphere for this stage, the high spot being the use of one of the actual Olympic Torches (that will be used for the torch lighting relay) to get the stage started.

18 “Olympic Points” (OP’s) were placed around the grounds and in the main house at Avon Tyrell. At each OP was a card with details of a famous Olympian from recent games. The teams had to visit as many OP’s as possible in the 380 minutes allocated for the stage, complete either a physical or cerebral challenge for which they would be awarded an Olympian Card, and ensure they finished and were back at the stage close in time, to avoid penalty points.

This was fast and frenetic, requiring a high energy approach. However, unsurprisingly careful planning and time management were highly important to achieve success. 

Final Scores and Prizes

After an action packed two days of activity, the teams were very keen to know their final places.

Whilst the team building event had been very much a training weekend for the main event in the summer, it had intentionally been made highly competitive, and all the teams rose magnificently to the challenge.

The tension was high as the teams congregated in the main hall, and to maintain the tension a little longer the results of Stage 4 were revealed first, before moving to the results for the whole two days, and the announcement that the overall winners were in fact the LBG Olympic Team. 


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