The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture Team Building Event

The 'Bigger Picture' is a team development exercise that delivers on two key business areas.

It reinforces a key high-performing team attribute of not allowing intricate day-to-day detail to cloud awareness of the overall situation and broad plans for the team. As more home working and “hot-desking” becomes the norm, individuals and sub-teams often retreat into “silos” and lose sight of their team’s overall strategy.

In addition, the opportunity for team members to work together and collaborate to maximize achievement is diminished. The Bigger Picture team building activity addresses these two linked issues, and illustrates (quite literally) solutions.



This activity requires teams to recreate a piece of artwork that is relevant to their business. Initially teams are led to believe they are competing against one another, but the activity takes a twist as teams realise that they are in fact going to have to collaborate to achieve success and complete The Bigger Picture.


How It Works

In preparation for the activity, Quest will prepare a piece of artwork in the form of a highly colorful picture that illustrates a current situation or position or perhaps an aspirational journey that the client team are experiencing or would like to progress to. It may represent significant change taking place in the business, or a major project in which they’re all involved or the merging of their business with another. The possibilities are huge.

The picture will be prepared in either A4 or A3 size, and it will have equally-spaced, faintly-marked grid lines drawn on it. These lines will divide the picture into a grid of 6, 8, 9, or 12 equally sized portions.

The teams will then be given a set of artist’s canvases. For example three sub-teams may each be given 4 artist’s canvases. In this example each sub-team will then be tasked with scaling up and recreating 4 portions of the overall picture. However, the crucial part of the activity is that the 4 portions will be from random places in the picture.

This is where the activity gets really interesting. How will the teams work together to ensure all the canvases are completed accurately? And will the canvases fit together precisely? In each team, who is good at math’s problems and will therefore be good at scaling-up their recreations? Will those skills be shared, and how effective will inter-team collaboration be? Who has the paint and brushes?

There’s only one way to find the answers to these and many other questions and that is to get your team involved in The Bigger Picture!



In a world where competition, whether that’s being the biggest, the best, the fastest or the most profitable, is so often made the priority, its invaluable to remember that the teams that are great at competition are also great at collaboration, maybe even more great!

High performing teams recognize the importance or working together, pooling ideas, skills and materials in a highly efficient manner. High performing teams also understand the importance of achieving a perfect balance between attention to detail and overarching strategies.

The Bigger Picture will give your team an outstanding opportunity to work at achieving symmetry between fine detail and the whole task. The Bigger Picture will also enable your team to practice and perfect collaboration... and leave with you with a wonderful pictorial memento of the day!

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