999 Emergency

First Aid, Fire Marshal, Search and Rescue Team Development Programme

This dynamic training and development framework is based on an Emergency incident management exercise which will test your planning, team work skills and adaptability to the limit. During the programme you will face a very realistic simulated disaster or major incident which your team will need to manage under enormous pressure, and ever changing conditions.

The programme will involve a full safety briefing and initial instruction & training from either professional fire-fighters, paramedics or policemen, or maybe all three dependent upon the simulation being created. That briefing will prepare you for managing the practicalities of the emergency situation. Those personnel will also be on hand to assess your performance.

Thanks to it’s realism 999 Emergency offers tremendous team development benefits, and explores the team’s ability to adapt to and manage fast moving change. Practically you will also acquire invaluable new information and skills which could be crucial in everyday life whether at home or work. As a business you will also learn a great deal about Business Continuity Planning.

This programme can be adapted to be delivered over a range of time frames but Quest would recommend a minimum of a day.

Depending on where the programme is delivered the format may involve search and rescue procedures, fire fighting, accident scene casualty management, chemical contamination or dealing with a natural disaster. Your team will need to manage a number of concurrent activities including taking command of the control room as well as taking specific action at the incident location. For example:

  • Tackling real fires
  • Administering first aid to incident casualties
  • Traffic management
  • Search & rescue
  • Media management

The team will have a lot of information to process and they will have to cope with a continually changing and evolving environment. To be successful you will require excellent planning, communication and decision making processes. The leadership will need to be considered but decisive. Poor decision making could result in serious consequences. This high impact programme lends itself very well to the development of senior management teams.


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