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The pace of change in all our lives is almost non-stop. Change in the workplace is not only seen as the norm, but is often recognized to be crucial for the success and growth of a business.

Whilst change is very often portrayed as a force for good, many team members can feel uncomfortable by too much change or changes that happen too quickly.

Helping team members work through this process can be vital to maintain a well-motivated and positive acting team and this is where Acting on Change may be just the answer for which you’ve been looking.



The challenge set for the team is to script, cast, produce and present a short (typically 10mins) high quality staged theatrical performance… sounds easy!


How It Works

At the beginning of the activity Quest will divide the delegates into a number of sub-teams. Each team will be supplied with a detailed written brief.

The brief will make the same final requirement of all the sub-teams: Following a specific preparation period they will have to collaboratively produce and present a short high quality staged theatrical performance.

However, each team’s brief will be different in terms of the roles they have to perform and the contribution each team member and each sub-team have to make to ensure a successful delivery of their sub-teams’ performance.

Consequently, one of the sub-teams may contain a majority of team members who have to perform a script writing role, whilst another is mainly made up of producers and directors and yet another of props and staging operatives.

This is a team building activity that not only addresses successful change management but also the practicing of effective collaboration. The sub-teams will only be able to achieve the final production goal by creatively working with all of the other teams.

Each sub-team will be provided with a range of equipment and material relevant to their brief. For example, the script writers will receive lap-top’s, A4 paper, pens, printers, pencils and other stationary and some script reference material; the costume department will receive some a variety of costumes/fancy dress, fabrics, fabric pens and simple sewing materials.

There is also a large and significant twist to the team build. Whilst all of the sub-teams will have common elements in their briefs, unknown to each other team, the teams will each have some very different requirements made of them.

For example, the script writers may be asked to prepare for a play based in medieval times, whilst the costume department will have the materials and be briefed to dress the cast for a west end musical.

These initially undisclosed differences will be uncovered with the assistance of the Quest facilitators as the activity progresses. Change and its positive management will be an immediate requirement of the directors, and in turn their teams, as they will need to rapidly re-work their original briefs to ensure that they achieve the very positive conclusion of a successful theatrical production.

Quest will help source venues and if appropriate, staging. They will provide all resources and required equipment. In addition, if requested the final performance will be filmed and cut to DVD to be shown back to the team at the end of the activity or for future viewing.

Examples of performances could include children's Walt Disney films, musicals or well-known TV shows. Other alternatives could be a shortened version of a Shakespearean play or an iconic film.



Acting on Change is a team development intervention which focuses on ‘change management’ and how teams and individuals work effectively and positively through periods of organisational and operational change.

The activity is challenging, dynamic but also a great deal of fun. In addition to enhancing individuals and the team’s approach to change, it encourages delegates to take on a range of roles, explore their creativity and innovative skills and work collaboratively with colleagues on a unique and inspiring task.

Acting on Change can be delivered as a stand-alone team building activity, as an introduction to change processes or to help enhance a team's performance during this time. It can also be facilitated as part of a broader program of training for change management and the effective development and integration of teams.

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