Dragons Den

The Dragons Den Team Building Event

Many of us will have sat in front of the television watching the iconic programme claiming "I could have done better than that". Well here is an opportunity to prove it!


Do we have a deal?

The overall objective of this exercise is to assist a small business with its expansion plans.

That small business is an actual small creative limited company that has been trading for almost 2 years, that is vat registered and presently employs one person. The teams are given a detailed history of the company which includes the full trading accounts for the last two years plus full access to the most recent bank statements and the company website. There is nothing simulated or contrived about this exercise and the teams have a unique opportunity to help a small business grow.

This is a competitive business exercise which challenges the teams in many dimensions. It requires strong analytical skills but the team must also be creative and innovative. To be successful in their presentation to the Dragons the teams will also need to be accurate and thorough in their research.

Despite the real life intensity of this team building challenge it is still great fun, very rewarding, dynamic, interactive and creates a highly memorable experience.


The Challenge

The company feels that it requires an investment to fund its future expansion and have approached The Dragons for funding. The teams will need to decide what equity stake they are prepared to offer for the investment and then prepare a presentation that will convince one or all of the dragons to invest in the enterprise. The presentation must incorporate a detailed business plan and a convincing face to face pitch.


The Business Plan

The teams will be required to create a coherent, comprehensive and well researched business plan. Having completed the business plan the teams can request whatever amount they think is relevant but they will have to be able to justify their decisions to the Dragons.


The Pitch

Nominated team members will also be required to deliver a 5 minute pitch to the dragons and this will be filmed live to camera in one take.


Take Back to the Work Place

The Dragons’ Den team building exercise is a flexible format that provides a terrific medium for:

  • The development of positive, dynamic leadership and delegation
  • The development of effective resource and time management / working under pressure
  • Improved task awareness and communication across teams
  • Improved awareness of each other’s personality types, skills, strengths, roles and responsibilities
  • Better interdepartmental / role links and collaborative working

All individuals and teams within any company or organisation will benefit and enjoy undertaking this unique team building challenge. However, it is particularly relevant to Graduate Induction programmes. This format can be adapted to make it an ideal breakout session for a large conference audience. The duration depends on the target audience but is typically from 3 hours to a full day’s activity. 

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