Amazooming Race

A Fast Paced, Environmentally Focused Team Building Event

This team building activity is based on the phenomenally successful American reality TV show, The Amazing Race, still running strong after over 30 series.

Just like on the show small sub-teams race around completing challenges and competing against one another. Unlike on the TV, there is also an environmental-awareness twist to the Quest version plus the opportunity to make a charitable contribution!

So if it sounds appealing to have your team take part in an energetic outdoor team build that will test the best of their competitive skills, give some focus on the wider world and help a deserving charity then this is the one for you.



To fit with the environmental awareness theme of the event, Amazooming Races are uniquely designed to take place in Zoos, and with wonderful examples such as those in London, Bristol, Chester or Edinburgh, there is an extensive range of potential venues, all working tirelessly to save endangered species.

This activity requires teams of four or five to move to a wide variation of activity points around a zoo, and to complete or solve the challenge prepared for them at each activity point.

Across the world there are currently over 15,000 species threatened with extinction. Your team will race against time to help save as many species as possible by visiting all four corners of the zoo.

The more challenges teams complete, the more endangered species will be saved. The winning team will be that which has saved the most species by the end of the race.


How It Works

As its name suggest this team building event is a race, so it has a fast and furious start.

To achieve that the teams are all gathered in the event meeting room, where they will be verbally briefed. A film will then start to play on the big screen at the front of the room.

The film stars King Kong in all his terrifying glory, and he will very quickly grab the attention of all team members. King Kong will then fade into the background to be followed in swift succession by the message on screen that the Amazooming Race will begin in 15 minutes.

At that point a giant digital clock will appear on screen and the members of Team Quest will simultaneously hand out the teams’ instruction packs. Teams will then be given a short time to read those and make their plans.

As the clock ticks away and the minutes disappear the noise in the room will increase, the tension will mount and the teams will be straining to start. The final 15 seconds will appear on the giant clock and the remaining members of Team Quest who have not moved out into the Zoo to man their Activity Points, will call out the final count-down from 10 to Zero.

As 00.00 fills the screen a claxon will be blown and the teams will then burst out of the meeting room and into the Zoo. The Amazooming Race will have started!

All the challenges are inspired by the exhibitions and residents of the zoo being used, and will be placed in as many areas as possible to enable the teams to see as much of the zoo and its exhibits as they can.

A charitable element can also be included: teams can be given a team mascot in the form of a large animal fabric toy, which they must present at each AP. That toy will also be their team name, (for example lemur’s, gorillas, lions), and can be donated to a children’s charity after the event.

The duration of the race can be anything from one hour to a full morning or afternoon, depending on how much time you want to spend. Teams will be deemed to have finished when they have returned as a complete team to the event HQ and have handed their team mascot to the Quest marshal at the finish. Penalties are imposed on late finishers.



The Amazooming Race is an event that can deliver on many levels. As a team build it is fun, fast and highly competitive. It can be used to integrate new teams, and in a world of on-line communication actually enable colleagues to get to know one another away from keyboards and screens.

It is set in an unusual environment and gives team members the opportunity to learn more about the natural world and help their local community.

Where’s your nearest Zoo and when did you last visit? Take part in the Amazooming Race and reconnect with all the other life with which we share our planet!

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