Build a Garden Challenge

A Team Building Event with Environmental and Community Benefits

Businesses are increasingly looking to the wider community to meet their developmental needs and social aims. This has created a significant demand in using community and environmental projects for team building and development programmes.

Quest work in association with numerous charities running a broad range of team development projects both in the UK and abroad.


Case Study

The Cirencester Opportunity Group

This is an independent playgroup for pre-school age children with physical, mental or emotional issues. The Cirencester Opportunity Group was set up as a charity. It does not receive funding from the Local Authority and depends solely on fund raising events and the goodwill of local people and businesses.

Some time ago the playgroup was bequeathed a 2 acre plot of scrub land at the back of the centre. The group had ambitious plans to develop the area into a sensory forest school but a lack of funds had prevented the project from taking place for many years. Quest knew that the Landmark Information Group were looking for such a project as part of their 2008 charity challenge so Quest brought the two parties together and project managed the transformation.

In addition to clearing the scrub and rubbish from the site this project also involved planting over 100 trees and 50 scented plants, laying nearly 400 metres of path suitable for wheel chair access; constructing a willow dome, clearing the river, felling dangerous trees, creating a barked play area, erecting a ten metre long pergola, building seated areas from the old felled trees and putting in various nesting boxes.

“Thank you so much for the work that you - and the teams - did for Cirencester Opportunity Group over the last few months. I am sure that you have some idea of the pleasure you will have provided to a lot of children (and grown-ups!) both now and for many years to come - and that is not to forget the educational resource that now exists as a result of the work. Once again - Thank you - and when are you coming back?”

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